What Psychology Today Can’t Offer You…

I saw a post show up on my facebook newsfeed today. I was instantly captivated by the subject matter, but after reading it I was compelled to offer my thoughts from a Christian perspective… We’ve all probably encountered people who’ve ‘made us crazy’. There are some levels of dysfunction in people that is rooted soContinue reading “What Psychology Today Can’t Offer You…”

What’s so trendy about being contraception free?

Most people know that Catholics are big supporters of Natural Family Planning (NFP), but it looks as if they are not the only ones jumping on this trending bandwagon.  With the recent release of the book Sweetening the Pill and more and more couples coming forward to learn about NFP and supporting it, it almostContinue reading “What’s so trendy about being contraception free?”

Can breastfeeding be a method to prevent pregnancy?

I recently stumbled upon this article:  Natural Family Planning during Breastfeeding: LAM – the Lactational Amenorrhea Method My first reaction is simply, wow!  I realize I know very little about breastfeeding, the affects of it on one’s fertility, and natural family planning. I am going to get a little personal here… For those of youContinue reading “Can breastfeeding be a method to prevent pregnancy?”

3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

For a young Christian woman who is engaged to be married, it can be exciting to think that building a collection of cute lingerie is something that needs to be done before the wedding.  In fact, in my own experience this is the norm for many Christian women.  The whole point of hosting a brideContinue reading “3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Shopping at Victoria’s Secret”

Younger Women Are Getting Breast Cancer

Only 10% of breast cancer risk factors are genetic, according to this new study with Marissa Weiss. Here are just three things mentioned that we can do to decrease our risk: Have babies (yes! pregnancy is healthy) Make a point to breastfeed (breastfeeding is harder for some women than others, but the studies show breastfeedingContinue reading “Younger Women Are Getting Breast Cancer”