A Newbies Resource Guide to Chalk Painting Furniture *For Beginners*

OH my goodness…endless fun, inspiration, ideas, and a great way to get feedback and ask questions to thousands of other self-proclaimed DIY furniture painters!!! The facebook groups I’m obsessed with right now are: 

An Annoying yet Not Annoying Affiliate Blog Post…CLICK TO FIND OUT!

*This post is lovingly sponsored by my husband for coming up with the post idea and who is going to let me go order these off Amazon right after I hit publish* My husband really wanted me to write a post for all the NEW moms or the DADS who “don’t know any better”. (HisContinue reading “An Annoying yet Not Annoying Affiliate Blog Post…CLICK TO FIND OUT!”

My HONEST Review of SHETHINX Underwear

***Disclaimer: This post will have 3 disclaimers, please pay attention to them, ok? This post is going to be long. Feel free to skim for content. **Disclaimer: This post is about FEMININE HYGIENE. If you are not female and you do not want to read about feminine hygiene (aka: menstruation/periods) then stop reading. Thanks, bye!Continue reading “My HONEST Review of SHETHINX Underwear”