I am Nobody Special

Yep, I’m a mom. I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). I’m a h.o.m.e.s.c.h.o.o.l.i.n.g. mom. I’m also a Pastor’s Wife: newbie (under 5 years) pastor’s wife. Every time I say or write these “labels” I experience a dichotomy. In one sense, I feel a host of mostly negative emotions. There are SO many stereotypes attached to these labels andContinue reading “I am Nobody Special”

Confessions of a Pastors Wife: an open letter to my church family

An open apology letter to my church family Dear church, I am sorry that you had to stand there witnessing my obstinate 2 year old crying after I caught him trying to sneak into the children’s church cracker stash. He has been trying these tricks more in the last couple of weeks at home too.Continue reading “Confessions of a Pastors Wife: an open letter to my church family”

To be a ‘Pastor’s Wife’

I’ll have to follow up with this post in about 3-5 years or so (hopefully). But, since I just stumbled upon it recently I wanted to write about my thoughts, reactions, and share a little bit about the fantastic discussion I had about this with my hubby. To get a really good grasp of whereContinue reading “To be a ‘Pastor’s Wife’”