ORC: Dining Room Final Reveal (Kitchen Coming Soon!)

Like I anticipated, not everything on my list is finished yet. I guess that just shows me that I need more than 6 weeks to do a room, depending on what projects are involved (like painting cabinets which take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for this homeschooling mom). BUT, I want to tell you all about my table spreadContinue reading “ORC: Dining Room Final Reveal (Kitchen Coming Soon!)”

The ORC Week 4: a kitchen cabinet update

I am super behind on this week’s blog post! I don’t have a huge update but I will share some pictures since that’s the best part of our ORC posts sometimes 😛 I got one section of my cabinets onto the step where I get to actually add the color. So I’ll show that below.Continue reading “The ORC Week 4: a kitchen cabinet update”

Undertaking the Kitchen Cabinets (DIY style)

I never thought October 14th would be our first snow fall. I guess that comes with the territory when living in Minnesota. The cold weather has been super unmotivating for me. I’ve also been battling a cold which I am finally on the mend from and the kids and I have had a lot ofContinue reading “Undertaking the Kitchen Cabinets (DIY style)”