One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom DONE

Well friends, here is my finished room. I absolutely love it. I hope you like it too. This was a lot of fun and I am thrilled that we get a nice little oasis in an otherwise crazy house! I have never had a room this pretty before. It’s a relaxing, vintage with modern elements,Continue reading “One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom DONE”

One Room Challenge: Week 4

This week I have a lame post because not much happened. I had a busy weekend attending a phenomenal Biblical Counseling Training Conference! If you don’t know what that is, feel free to message me and I’d love to share 🙂 Anyway, on my way out of town to the conference I had 15 extraContinue reading “One Room Challenge: Week 4”

ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)

“I feel like all I am lately is a nurse, chauffeur, and a milk machine.” I said to my husband. Then he added, “And an interior designer!” Hah! I am no interior designer…but for now I am the interior designer for my bedroom makeover. The fact that he said this to me made me smileContinue reading “ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)”

Master Bedroom: the ugly mess (wk 2)

This week I did a lot of thinking, planning, researching, some cleaning, and shopping. One accomplishment I had was reorganizing all of my husband’s clothes and his side of the closet. I cleared out 2 boxes of trash and filled 2 boxes for things to put in a garage sale! To make his clothes easierContinue reading “Master Bedroom: the ugly mess (wk 2)”

One Room Challenge: getting started

Guys, I am really excited about what I will be doing for the next 6 weeks. A friend and fellow blogger told me about The One Room Challenge. I just spent a blissful night away with my husband in a 5 star hotel. The experience was amazing. It actually deserves it’s own blog post (whichContinue reading “One Room Challenge: getting started”