What’s so trendy about being contraception free?

Most people know that Catholics are big supporters of Natural Family Planning (NFP), but it looks as if they are not the only ones jumping on this trending bandwagon.  With the recent release of the book Sweetening the Pill and more and more couples coming forward to learn about NFP and supporting it, it almostContinue reading “What’s so trendy about being contraception free?”

How do you track your fertility?

I am a little over 3 months postpartum so tracking my fertility is a little tricky. Finally, I have started charting though. I am feeling pretty determined and just came across a much easier way to chart than writing it all down. Thanks to my new cell phone, I’ve downloaded two fertility charting Apps thatContinue reading “How do you track your fertility?”

FAM, NFP …what???

I’ve decided to start a blog series about my response, reactions, and discoveries as I attempt to read this book. At first glance it’s overwhelming.  It is way thicker than I thought it would be and as my eyes flutter over the pages of charts and diagrams it seems more like a science book!  IContinue reading “FAM, NFP …what???”

Can breastfeeding be a method to prevent pregnancy?

I recently stumbled upon this article:  Natural Family Planning during Breastfeeding: LAM – the Lactational Amenorrhea Method My first reaction is simply, wow!  I realize I know very little about breastfeeding, the affects of it on one’s fertility, and natural family planning. I am going to get a little personal here… For those of youContinue reading “Can breastfeeding be a method to prevent pregnancy?”