An Annoying yet Not Annoying Affiliate Blog Post…CLICK TO FIND OUT!

*This post is lovingly sponsored by my husband for coming up with the post idea and who is going to let me go order these off Amazon right after I hit publish* My husband really wanted me to write a post for all the NEW moms or the DADS who “don’t know any better”. (HisContinue reading “An Annoying yet Not Annoying Affiliate Blog Post…CLICK TO FIND OUT!”

5 Funny Things I Did By Friday

I’ve been battling a bad cold this week and have been feeling really foggy and run down. There have been some funny/interesting/random moments this week that maybe will give you a laugh or an idea. Enjoy! I let my kids cut and paste images from an IKEA magazine onto construction paper and told them toContinue reading “5 Funny Things I Did By Friday”

That Time Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth Snapchatted Me

The day my husband was traveling home from his time teaching in Haiti I see a snapchat notification come in from him. Upon opening it I was blown away to see, not my husband, but Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth with her husband Robert! If you don’t know who that is she used to be known asContinue reading “That Time Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth Snapchatted Me”