Hospitality, Minimalism, and Page Views: Why I Really Did the ORC

As I anticipate the 6th week of The One Room Challenge I’ve been reflecting on my reasons for participating. To be completely transparent, the reason I wanted to do it was to get exposure on my blog, to have more page views, more followers etc… You see, I have this little dream to earn aContinue reading “Hospitality, Minimalism, and Page Views: Why I Really Did the ORC”

The Craft Fair and My Marriage: The Collateral Damage

Being a vendor at the Junk Crush stretched my marriage and myself in ways I didn’t think it could be stretched. There were moments I was in tears, ready to quit the event and give up because of how it was affecting my relationships with my family members. FACT CHECK: I can’t do it all.Continue reading “The Craft Fair and My Marriage: The Collateral Damage”

That Time My 3 Year Old Needed “Exploratory Surgery”

1 year ago it was the day before Father’s day and 2 days before our anniversary. We had a getaway planned the next night to celebrate our anniversary. My husband was preaching that Sunday and being commissioned with the youth group for the upcoming mission trip that would begin 1 week later. 1 year ago,Continue reading “That Time My 3 Year Old Needed “Exploratory Surgery””

“Exploratory Surgery” and the Goodness of God

Just like I’ve seen ear infections ‘come back’ after the antibiotics were done could mean the same thing might be possible with a UTI, right? Early in May Rosie got sick suddenly with a fever and pain she described to me was when going to the bathroom. A round of medicine seemed to clear upContinue reading ““Exploratory Surgery” and the Goodness of God”

Being Honest About My Mental Health

Part of why I love to blog, write, and paint furniture is because it’s been good for my mental health. I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone because like I wrote over at the Rochester MN Moms Blog, developing a hobby made me a better mom. We live in a tough world.Continue reading “Being Honest About My Mental Health”

I am Nobody Special

Yep, I’m a mom. I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). I’m a h.o.m.e.s.c.h.o.o.l.i.n.g. mom. I’m also a Pastor’s Wife: newbie (under 5 years) pastor’s wife. Every time I say or write these “labels” I experience a dichotomy. In one sense, I feel a host of mostly negative emotions. There are SO many stereotypes attached to these labels andContinue reading “I am Nobody Special”

My Faith and a John Lennon Song

Motherhood has been such a rollercoaster. I still don’t really know if I have completely accepted the fact that this is my life. It all happened so fast and in the midst of many other transitions. It is hard work and it can be stressful and completely draining and exhausting. It seems like I will be doing this forever…I know it will feel like all of a sudden I will blink and my children are adults. Part of me is excited for that season, and part of me doesn’t want it to come too fast.