ORC: Dining Room Final Reveal (Kitchen Coming Soon!)

Like I anticipated, not everything on my list is finished yet. I guess that just shows me that I need more than 6 weeks to do a room, depending on what projects are involved (like painting cabinets which take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for this homeschooling mom). BUT, I want to tell you all about my table spreadContinue reading “ORC: Dining Room Final Reveal (Kitchen Coming Soon!)”

Week 5 One Room Challenge: If Only I Was Mary Poppins

If I’m honest, I am nowhere where I wanted to be with this room challenge. I likely won’t get everything done that was on my list in time and I think I need to just accept that and keep doing what I can. Between health issues, appointments, Halloween, homeschooling my kids, and normal day-to-day lifeContinue reading “Week 5 One Room Challenge: If Only I Was Mary Poppins”

The One Room Challenge: Week 1 *The Before/Current State*

I did the ORC in my bedroom 2 years ago and really had a lot of fun. I barely knew anything about blogging then and I still feel like I have so much to learn but I want to jump in and finish the things I have going on in my small kitchen and diningContinue reading “The One Room Challenge: Week 1 *The Before/Current State*”

The Mid-Century Modern Map Dresser

How in the world did the dresser on the left become the remarkable and eye-catching dresser on the right? I hardly know myself! This project was completely spontaneous and evolved on its own. It’s the piece I received the most compliments on this past weekend at the craft fair/flea market I was a vendor at.Continue reading “The Mid-Century Modern Map Dresser”

Preparing as a First Time Vendor!

I am running out of time to prepare for this event I am going to be a vendor at and I’m kind of freaking out about it. All the thoughts and feelings race through my head, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep! I worry I’m going to sell nothing and that no oneContinue reading “Preparing as a First Time Vendor!”

DIY Deliciously Shabby Chic Pink Dresser

I scored this cute (well, at first not so cute) little dresser for $10 on Craigslist. It looked like the perfect thing for me to give a new look for my daughters room. It’s made of pine wood which is not real heavy so while it’s not a priceless piece of furniture it does theContinue reading “DIY Deliciously Shabby Chic Pink Dresser”

A Newbies Resource Guide to Chalk Painting Furniture *For Beginners*

OH my goodness…endless fun, inspiration, ideas, and a great way to get feedback and ask questions to thousands of other self-proclaimed DIY furniture painters!!! The facebook groups I’m obsessed with right now are: 

I Ripped Out My Kitchen Island: Adventures in Minimalism

Maybe you have a kitchen island and you love it and can’t imagine life without it. I, however, HATED mine. Our house is a little quirky and I think the layout is odd. Nonetheless, it’s our house and I love our house. God provided our house to us in an amazing way. But the kitchenContinue reading “I Ripped Out My Kitchen Island: Adventures in Minimalism”