ORC: Dining Room Final Reveal (Kitchen Coming Soon!)

Like I anticipated, not everything on my list is finished yet. I guess that just shows me that I need more than 6 weeks to do a room, depending on what projects are involved (like painting cabinets which take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for this homeschooling mom). BUT, I want to tell you all about my table spreadContinue reading “ORC: Dining Room Final Reveal (Kitchen Coming Soon!)”

My Favorite Dining Room Chairs & The Best Coffee Machine Ever

Again, if you don’t already know it is Amazon Prime Day. It’s kind of like Black Friday only in July and just on Amazon. Besides the best dining room chairs I’ve ever had and the greatest coffee maker in the world, here’s a short list of 8 other things I can remember ordering from AmazonContinue reading “My Favorite Dining Room Chairs & The Best Coffee Machine Ever”