Week 5 One Room Challenge: If Only I Was Mary Poppins

If I’m honest, I am nowhere where I wanted to be with this room challenge. I likely won’t get everything done that was on my list in time and I think I need to just accept that and keep doing what I can. Between health issues, appointments, Halloween, homeschooling my kids, and normal day-to-day lifeContinue reading “Week 5 One Room Challenge: If Only I Was Mary Poppins”

The ORC Week 4: a kitchen cabinet update

I am super behind on this week’s blog post! I don’t have a huge update but I will share some pictures since that’s the best part of our ORC posts sometimes 😛 I got one section of my cabinets onto the step where I get to actually add the color. So I’ll show that below.Continue reading “The ORC Week 4: a kitchen cabinet update”