How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)

I haven’t forgotten!!! There have just been so many things to do, other stuff to think about, things to write about, the TV fast has not been on my mind hardly at all lately. I think that must mean the fast is accomplishing it’s purpose?? If you are like, WHAT is she talking about. GoContinue reading “How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)”

100 Days of No TV: Day 24

Ok wow so I realize I haven’t written about this since the first of the month and we’re already almost done with June. So, if you don’t know or if you forgot or maybe you thought I chickened out (believe me, it was a thought), me and my family are doing a fast/break from TVContinue reading “100 Days of No TV: Day 24”

10 Things I Learned About Serving Meals to Postpartum Moms

Head on over to Rochester MN Moms Blog to read my latest post there about the top 10 (secret: there’s actually 11) things I learned about bringing new moms meals! This is a great topic and I would love to hear your thoughts and your own experiences. Don’t forget to check out the other postsContinue reading “10 Things I Learned About Serving Meals to Postpartum Moms”

100 Days of NO TV

In just a few short weeks I will be unplugging my TV and physically removing it from my living room for 100 days. Why?? If you don’t already know, I now have a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. We watch some form of TV every day. I amContinue reading “100 Days of NO TV”

I am Nobody Special

Yep, I’m a mom. I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). I’m a h.o.m.e.s.c.h.o.o.l.i.n.g. mom. I’m also a Pastor’s Wife: newbie (under 5 years) pastor’s wife. Every time I say or write these “labels” I experience a dichotomy. In one sense, I feel a host of mostly negative emotions. There are SO many stereotypes attached to these labels andContinue reading “I am Nobody Special”

How to Get the Most out of Minimalism Without Actually Being a Minimalist!

Minimalism is a HOT word right now. There’s an entire culture and movement going on all around us. It’s a decor style, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a practice, a religion even. There’s a good chance you have heard of minimalism and are intrigued by it, and you probably know someone who is into it. IContinue reading “How to Get the Most out of Minimalism Without Actually Being a Minimalist!”

What feminism has done to my mothering

You guys, I just can’t help but keep thinking about the feminist movement and how it has impacted what being a mom is like these days. I know probably 12456993 things have been written about this and I haven’t read that much about it, but here are my two cents: being a stay at homeContinue reading “What feminism has done to my mothering”