DIY Deliciously Shabby Chic Pink Dresser

I scored this cute (well, at first not so cute) little dresser for $10 on Craigslist. It looked like the perfect thing for me to give a new look for my daughters room. It’s made of pine wood which is not real heavy so while it’s not a priceless piece of furniture it does theContinue reading “DIY Deliciously Shabby Chic Pink Dresser”

A Newbies Resource Guide to Chalk Painting Furniture *For Beginners*

OH my goodness…endless fun, inspiration, ideas, and a great way to get feedback and ask questions to thousands of other self-proclaimed DIY furniture painters!!! The facebook groups I’m obsessed with right now are: 

ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)

“I feel like all I am lately is a nurse, chauffeur, and a milk machine.” I said to my husband. Then he added, “And an interior designer!” Hah! I am no interior designer…but for now I am the interior designer for my bedroom makeover. The fact that he said this to me made me smileContinue reading “ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)”