A Homebirth Story from 2015

Another old post I wanted to share in honor of TJ’s birthday (which was earlier this month). Sorry for the length! I wrote this 3 years ago and don’t want to re-edit or re-write it just yet. 😛  It’s hard to believe that our third child is finally here! Titus Jerome was born on JulyContinue reading “A Homebirth Story from 2015”

Birth Story of Rosie from July 2013

An old post I wrote back when Rosie was born. Sharing now in honor of her birthday tomorrow 🙂  Her birth story:   July was a very busy month.  We moved into our new apartment on July 13th with barely enough time to get settled and ready for our baby girl’s arrival.  Thankfully, we hadContinue reading “Birth Story of Rosie from July 2013”

My Very First Birth Experience

In the afternoon I took a walk outside by myself. Then, when Nick came home from work we decided to go to the park and play tennis. Yes, just like in the video…Nick and I played tennis for a good hour. Of course, my “playing tennis” was really just hobbling around trying to fetch the tennis ball and maybe hop a step or two in one direction to hit the ball back if it came close enough to me. At one point Nick said, “I feel like I am abusing you…” but it was my idea! I stopped and stood still every time a contraction came.