100 Days of NO TV: 2 weeks left!

Are we going to get rid of Netflix for good? I recently asked my kids a few questions about our TV free summer. We’ve talked about it together on occasion and I feel they grasp the purpose behind this exercise. But I thought it would be interesting to try and interview them and just seeContinue reading “100 Days of NO TV: 2 weeks left!”

How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)

I haven’t forgotten!!! There have just been so many things to do, other stuff to think about, things to write about, the TV fast has not been on my mind hardly at all lately. I think that must mean the fast is accomplishing it’s purpose?? If you are like, WHAT is she talking about. GoContinue reading “How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)”

100 Days of No TV: Day 24

Ok wow so I realize I haven’t written about this since the first of the month and we’re already almost done with June. So, if you don’t know or if you forgot or maybe you thought I chickened out (believe me, it was a thought), me and my family are doing a fast/break from TVContinue reading “100 Days of No TV: Day 24”

June 1st is here. So… no TV

It’s a good thing we have a lot planned for the day because I am SCARED. I am scared to start this journey. I’m wondering why am I doing this again? Reasons aside, now I’m committed, and I need to just do it because I said I was going to. No backing down. It’s kindContinue reading “June 1st is here. So… no TV”

100 Days of No TV: Answering WHY & The Guidelines

We are about 300 miles into our journey for the next week. Planning and preparing for this vacation made this week pretty busy and I haven’t had the time to write as I would have liked. But I do want to make sure I address my plan for 100 days of no TV now. WhenContinue reading “100 Days of No TV: Answering WHY & The Guidelines”

100 Days of NO TV

In just a few short weeks I will be unplugging my TV and physically removing it from my living room for 100 days. Why?? If you don’t already know, I now have a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. We watch some form of TV every day. I amContinue reading “100 Days of NO TV”