The other side of Youtube vs. Reality

I am proof that you don't have to have the instagram-worthy homeschool space to actually do it. Work with what you've got. Be thankful. Don't compare yourself to all the other youtubers and instagramers out there and start feeling discontent. This video is more for me than anyone else because I need to tell myself… Continue reading The other side of Youtube vs. Reality

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The One Room Challenge: Week 1 *The Before/Current State*

I did the ORC in my bedroom 2 years ago and really had a lot of fun. I barely knew anything about blogging then and I still feel like I have so much to learn but I want to jump in and finish the things I have going on in my small kitchen and dining… Continue reading The One Room Challenge: Week 1 *The Before/Current State*

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What This Christian Mom Really Thought of The Incredibles 2

We recently saw The Incredibles 2 as a family. I had heard great things about the movie but nothing super specific. Having loved the first one I didn't think much of it, of course we'd go see the second! Especially after successfully completing 100 days of no TV during the summer, it would be fun… Continue reading What This Christian Mom Really Thought of The Incredibles 2


The First Day of Classical Conversations!

We are still fairly new to Classical Conversations as this is only our second year participating. I now have two of my kids in classes with my youngest still in the nursery. We are in the Foundations program. Foundations is built for children from preschool to 6th grade. Essentials is for kids from 4th to… Continue reading The First Day of Classical Conversations!


The Mid-Century Modern Map Dresser

How in the world did the dresser on the left become the remarkable and eye-catching dresser on the right? I hardly know myself! This project was completely spontaneous and evolved on its own. It's the piece I received the most compliments on this past weekend at the craft fair/flea market I was a vendor at.… Continue reading The Mid-Century Modern Map Dresser

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Dear Rachel Hollis

If you are looking for more reading about Rachel Hollis and her book and you’re a Christian who cares about upholding a Biblical worldview and wants to think more about this matter, I highly recommend this article here http://www.katiepolski.com/?p=1312 ! It’s a well thought post that goes into much more detail than I did, since I actually didn’t read the book (and don’t plan to). Thanks everyone!

Jessica Denyse

Dear Rachel Hollis,

Actually, dear Rachel Hollis followers:

You don’t know me and that’s okay. I likely don’t know you either. I am not here to pass judgments or criticism. I want to be careful with the way I may or may not offer criticism online. I’m not out to make enemies, I’m out to make friends.

Consider this post a polite exhortation, or maybe an encouragement to think beyond the self-help mantra.

I follow Rachel Hollis on social media and believe me she says a lot of inspiring, encouraging, and motivating things that do get me thinking and doing. I have not read her book so when I mean to take this post with a grain of salt I MEAN IT. I really am not in a position to offer a well-rounded or thorough review or critique.

However, I DO feel compelled to take the popular phrases I hear…

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100 Days of NO TV: 2 weeks left!

Are we going to get rid of Netflix for good? I recently asked my kids a few questions about our TV free summer. We've talked about it together on occasion and I feel they grasp the purpose behind this exercise. But I thought it would be interesting to try and interview them and just see… Continue reading 100 Days of NO TV: 2 weeks left!