20 Things I Did In My 20s (plus an announcement!)

Goodbye 20's. Instead of listing 30 things I've learned in 30 years or something typical like that I instead want to look back on the last decade and say goodbye. I want to pause and reflect on where God has brought me these last ten years. So here are 20 things I did in my …

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Sneaky Neglect and Digital Minimalism

I recently returned from a women's retreat and came away with some pretty tough convictions. As a group, we watched this presentation given by Betsy Gomez from the 2017 Revive Conference. You can watch it below if you like, it is very good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqo3NMiWfzY&list=PL1Zq_ChyyNLBmPqPahyCyDKrjxCWRmTbA&index=11&t=0s Her message was inspired from the chapter in the book Adorned …

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