‘God Sightings’ Amidst Travel Drama: Part 2

So I was in the depths of despair at the airport gate. I had to calm down and start figuring out what I was going to do next. Many phone calls later I found myself sitting in the airport I was supposed to be flying out of waiting for my sister to pick me upContinue reading “‘God Sightings’ Amidst Travel Drama: Part 2”

‘God Sightings’ Amidst Travel Drama: Part 1

As I re-read my last blog post I now feel even more convicted about what happened during my trip (not so much during actually, more just the travel days). I was preachin’ to my own choir. Most of my problems on this adventure were still quite small in the grand scope of things but itContinue reading “‘God Sightings’ Amidst Travel Drama: Part 1”

7 Truths I Rehearse to Avoid FOMO and Anxiety

What if the plane crashes and I die? Lots of people travel for work all the time, I’ll be fine. I better just make sure things are in order, just in case though. Oh no, what if something bad happens to the kids while I’m gone. I will feel so guilty. What should I pack?Continue reading “7 Truths I Rehearse to Avoid FOMO and Anxiety”

Why You and Your Spouse Should Plan a Vacation Without Kids

I get to share an extra blog post with you this week! Stay tuned for my regular blog post coming out on Thursday. But today, you get to check out why I think you should go on vacation with your spouse and why you should leave your kids at home, if you can. The firstContinue reading “Why You and Your Spouse Should Plan a Vacation Without Kids”

What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise (bonus packing tips)

A little bit of a fun post for you. I am not a fashion expert, but I do enjoy fashion and putting in some effort to what I wear. 90% of the time I am home in loungewear, so being on a cruise without kids meant I could enjoy taking a little extra time toContinue reading “What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise (bonus packing tips)”

A Little Travel Vlog of our Vacation

I am not a YouTuber… this is my FIRST experience completing a video with iMovie and it took me WAY too long. But, my you-tubing sister encouraged me to try this because it would be a fun way to look back on the memories since I typically take videos and pictures anyway! So thanks, Holli…Continue reading “A Little Travel Vlog of our Vacation”