I am Nobody Special

Yep, I’m a mom. I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). I’m a h.o.m.e.s.c.h.o.o.l.i.n.g. mom. I’m also a Pastor’s Wife: newbie (under 5 years) pastor’s wife. Every time I say or write these “labels” I experience a dichotomy. In one sense, I feel a host of mostly negative emotions. There are SO many stereotypes attached to these labels andContinue reading “I am Nobody Special”

5 Tips for Managing Sunday Morning Chaos: Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife

My kids were 2.5 and 1 years old when my husband became the Associate Pastor of a church. It was his first full-time ministry position and therefore the first time I was officially labeled “Pastor’s Wife”. Sunday mornings became a dreaded scary part of my week because it was left up to me to getContinue reading “5 Tips for Managing Sunday Morning Chaos: Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife”

Confessions of a Pastors Wife: an open letter to my church family

An open apology letter to my church family Dear church, I am sorry that you had to stand there witnessing my obstinate 2 year old crying after I caught him trying to sneak into the children’s church cracker stash. He has been trying these tricks more in the last couple of weeks at home too.Continue reading “Confessions of a Pastors Wife: an open letter to my church family”

That Time Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth Snapchatted Me

The day my husband was traveling home from his time teaching in Haiti I see a snapchat notification come in from him. Upon opening it I was blown away to see, not my husband, but Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth with her husband Robert! If you don’t know who that is she used to be known asContinue reading “That Time Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth Snapchatted Me”

Confessions of a Seminary Wife: Sacrifices (Post from Sept 2013)

Drowsiness ensues as I lay in my bed wondering whether or not I will say goodnight to my husband before the nocturnal demands overtake my exhausted body.  BUZZ! goes the dryer.  I’ll get it tomorrow. Cheerios are scattered across half of the living room floor with the vacuum standing as a borderline between the cleanContinue reading “Confessions of a Seminary Wife: Sacrifices (Post from Sept 2013)”

To be a ‘Pastor’s Wife’

I’ll have to follow up with this post in about 3-5 years or so (hopefully). But, since I just stumbled upon it recently I wanted to write about my thoughts, reactions, and share a little bit about the fantastic discussion I had about this with my hubby. To get a really good grasp of whereContinue reading “To be a ‘Pastor’s Wife’”