Sneaky Neglect and Digital Minimalism

I recently returned from a women’s retreat and came away with some pretty tough convictions. As a group, we watched this presentation given by Betsy Gomez from the 2017 Revive Conference. You can watch it below if you like, it is very good! Her message was inspired from the chapter in the book Adorned calledContinue reading “Sneaky Neglect and Digital Minimalism”

The Declutter Anthem: At Last Parody

If you’ve been like me, this month has been full of decluttering, organizing, purging, and spending lots of time in the Declutter like a mother official facebook group talking about all of Allie’s tips and Marie Kondo methods. Then one night the idea came and this parody video was born. Now, this is super outContinue reading “The Declutter Anthem: At Last Parody”

My (sorta minimalist) Advice: Kids Christmas Gifts

“Whatever your reason to celebrate Christmas, there are a lot of us moms who feel completely overwhelmed and overloaded with all the ‘stuff’ that being a parent brings. This isn’t just a Christmas problem either, it happens at birthdays too. So please take a minute and hear us all out. A lot of moms theseContinue reading “My (sorta minimalist) Advice: Kids Christmas Gifts”

A Little Announcement {I Freaked Out Today.} MESS=STRESS

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on having better home maintenance. What I mean is keeping things tidy on a regular basis. I have to be real here and tell you that I am not good at this! I never have been. I do not like cleaning or picking up. Part of me does loveContinue reading “A Little Announcement {I Freaked Out Today.} MESS=STRESS”

100 Days of No TV: Day 24

Ok wow so I realize I haven’t written about this since the first of the month and we’re already almost done with June. So, if you don’t know or if you forgot or maybe you thought I chickened out (believe me, it was a thought), me and my family are doing a fast/break from TVContinue reading “100 Days of No TV: Day 24”

I Ripped Out My Kitchen Island: Adventures in Minimalism

Maybe you have a kitchen island and you love it and can’t imagine life without it. I, however, HATED mine. Our house is a little quirky and I think the layout is odd. Nonetheless, it’s our house and I love our house. God provided our house to us in an amazing way. But the kitchenContinue reading “I Ripped Out My Kitchen Island: Adventures in Minimalism”

How to Get the Most out of Minimalism Without Actually Being a Minimalist!

Minimalism is a HOT word right now. There’s an entire culture and movement going on all around us. It’s a decor style, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a practice, a religion even. There’s a good chance you have heard of minimalism and are intrigued by it, and you probably know someone who is into it. IContinue reading “How to Get the Most out of Minimalism Without Actually Being a Minimalist!”