20 Things I Did In My 20s (plus an announcement!)

Goodbye 20’s. Instead of listing 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years or something typical like that I instead want to look back on the last decade and say goodbye. I want to pause and reflect on where God has brought me these last ten years. So here are 20 things I did in myContinue reading “20 Things I Did In My 20s (plus an announcement!)”

Sneaky Neglect and Digital Minimalism

I recently returned from a women’s retreat and came away with some pretty tough convictions. As a group, we watched this presentation given by Betsy Gomez from the 2017 Revive Conference. You can watch it below if you like, it is very good! Her message was inspired from the chapter in the book Adorned calledContinue reading “Sneaky Neglect and Digital Minimalism”

The RollerCoaster of Discipling Young Kids

One minute your sweet preschooler is praying “God thank you for my family. Help us love each other well so we can love you better. Help us not get in any fights. Thank you for the Bible so we can learn about you”. Your heart melts and you are so excited. They are learning things,Continue reading “The RollerCoaster of Discipling Young Kids”

How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)

I haven’t forgotten!!! There have just been so many things to do, other stuff to think about, things to write about, the TV fast has not been on my mind hardly at all lately. I think that must mean the fast is accomplishing it’s purpose?? If you are like, WHAT is she talking about. GoContinue reading “How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)”

A Homebirth Story from 2015

Another old post I wanted to share in honor of TJ’s birthday (which was earlier this month). Sorry for the length! I wrote this 3 years ago and don’t want to re-edit or re-write it just yet. 😛  It’s hard to believe that our third child is finally here! Titus Jerome was born on JulyContinue reading “A Homebirth Story from 2015”

Birth Story of Rosie from July 2013

An old post I wrote back when Rosie was born. Sharing now in honor of her birthday tomorrow 🙂  Her birth story:   July was a very busy month.  We moved into our new apartment on July 13th with barely enough time to get settled and ready for our baby girl’s arrival.  Thankfully, we hadContinue reading “Birth Story of Rosie from July 2013”

Painted walls & Vintage Toys: A Thursday Update

Just want to say thanks for following my blog. It means a lot to have you around! This week my husband is gone leading a youth mission trip out west. My mom has been hanging out with us and helping with the kids so I can work on some projects around the house I’ve beenContinue reading “Painted walls & Vintage Toys: A Thursday Update”

Happy Belated Father’s Day & Happy Anniversary

I remember the moment you found out you became a father. The pregnancy was not planned. You opened a card and a gift from me. A baby bib that said, “I love you dad”. Your life would never be the same. Your 5 minute long blank stare gave away the shock you were experiencing. 2013:Continue reading “Happy Belated Father’s Day & Happy Anniversary”