FAM, NFP …what???

I’ve decided to start a blog series about my response, reactions, and discoveries as I attempt to read this book. At first glance it’s overwhelming.  It is way thicker than I thought it would be and as my eyes flutter over the pages of charts and diagrams it seems more like a science book!  IContinue reading “FAM, NFP …what???”

The Pill and the Absolute Truth

Want to hear the best counter-argument to whether or not the pill can cause abortions? Here it is… Dr. William Cutrer addresses the question in one small chapter of his book The Contraception Guidebook.  Here is the gist of his argument and the heart of the question: “…it’s possible that an egg might be releasedContinue reading “The Pill and the Absolute Truth”

An Ongoing Conversation about The Pill

Recently, I’ve come across that there are quite a few people who disagree with the research and conclusion that birth control pills can cause abortions.  I’ve been able to have some correspondence with a Christian doctor who opposes this view.  This post covers our conversation and my thoughts so far. In our emails I firstContinue reading “An Ongoing Conversation about The Pill”

A New Discovery?

For those who have read my posts and are interested in further research regarding birth control, I figured it would be fair to spend some time on the counter-arguments. A commenter on a previous post mentioned a local doctor who says that if one of the three mechanisms of the pill fail, then they allContinue reading “A New Discovery?”

How Mr. Alcorn made me think differently about The Pill

I didn’t know very much about birth control options.  In fact, while I was still single and in college I didn’t really need to know much.  But, being in a serious relationship and likely getting married within a year or two made me more curious to know what my options would be.  So, I beganContinue reading “How Mr. Alcorn made me think differently about The Pill”

Controlling Birth: A Quest to Understand “Birth Control” – Part III Pregnancy Preventions

Part III: Pregnancy Preventions The fantastic thing about pregnancy preventions is that they are less complicated (in my opinion).  There are no foreign chemicals or substances pervasively intruding your body which make these methods far less convoluted.  Plus, they don’t mess with the process of procreation nearly as intrusively. The short list of barrier methodsContinue reading “Controlling Birth: A Quest to Understand “Birth Control” – Part III Pregnancy Preventions”

Controlling Birth: A Quest to Understand “Birth Control” – Part II A Break-down of Every Method

Part II: A Break-down of Every Method and How They Function Here I am going to provide basic, easily accessible information on the methods of birth control.  I realistically cannot go over every single one because there are far too many different brands and variations, but I will hit the main ones and talk aboutContinue reading “Controlling Birth: A Quest to Understand “Birth Control” – Part II A Break-down of Every Method”