Enneagram and Turning 30: Part 2

So how does this Enneagram know me so well? I don’t know and quite frankly I don’t know if I want to get too invested in this whole personality test world. Sometimes I think personality tests try to categorize different types of people and it can kind of put ourselves (and God) into a box.Continue reading “Enneagram and Turning 30: Part 2”

Enneagram and Turning 30: Part 1

I am about to turn 30 soon and the Enneagram has kind of blown my mind. I know it’s rather silly and worldly of me, but I’ve been feeling kind of down about my 30th birthday approaching. Can I be 29 forever? Can I be 29 in heaven? But, my looming 30th birthday has motivatedContinue reading “Enneagram and Turning 30: Part 1”

Why You and Your Spouse Should Plan a Vacation Without Kids

I get to share an extra blog post with you this week! Stay tuned for my regular blog post coming out on Thursday. But today, you get to check out why I think you should go on vacation with your spouse and why you should leave your kids at home, if you can. The firstContinue reading “Why You and Your Spouse Should Plan a Vacation Without Kids”

Why I Am Taking A Creative Hiatus From My PHONE

On March 1st I will be uninstalling Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I am on these apps more than I care to admit and I just feel very strongly that I am at a pivotal point right now where I need all the extra focus, time, and energy I can get. Let me explainContinue reading “Why I Am Taking A Creative Hiatus From My PHONE”

What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise (bonus packing tips)

A little bit of a fun post for you. I am not a fashion expert, but I do enjoy fashion and putting in some effort to what I wear. 90% of the time I am home in loungewear, so being on a cruise without kids meant I could enjoy taking a little extra time toContinue reading “What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise (bonus packing tips)”

The RollerCoaster of Discipling Young Kids

One minute your sweet preschooler is praying “God thank you for my family. Help us love each other well so we can love you better. Help us not get in any fights. Thank you for the Bible so we can learn about you”. Your heart melts and you are so excited. They are learning things,Continue reading “The RollerCoaster of Discipling Young Kids”

Happy Valentine’s Day

I kind of think Valentine’s Day is an overrated, cheesy, Hallmark holiday. Sorry if you find that a bit harsh. My husband and I much prefer to go on a date night some random night of the week that’s not on a Holiday. We prefer going out on nights that aren’t crazy busy wherever we are going. It doesn’t mean we aren’t romantic or judge others for doing something special on valentine’s day, it’s just not for us.

The Declutter Anthem: At Last Parody

If you’ve been like me, this month has been full of decluttering, organizing, purging, and spending lots of time in the Declutter like a mother official facebook group talking about all of Allie’s tips and Marie Kondo methods. Then one night the idea came and this parody video was born. Now, this is super outContinue reading “The Declutter Anthem: At Last Parody”