I finished the first draft!

I’m not sure how it happened but I wrote “The End” last week. It felt like it would never happen. I have spent the last 9 months writing very sporadically. I guess it’s my book baby? To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this stage would come in January of 2020. The ending just flew out of me all of a sudden in the last two weeks.

I rewrote and added onto the beginning too. So I think I have crossed the 50k word milestone, which feels major (even though that’s considered a small book).

There are parts of the draft I feel really proud of. Other parts, however, I basically wrote a glorified outline. So there’s a lot of work to be done. But I am very excited about being in the editing phase, finally.

I pushed myself away from editing so I could just finish the draft. Some writers like to do that and others edit as they go. I found myself wanting to edit as I went but told myself not to. Right now I feel good about that decision. My ‘glorified outline’ of a draft is a complete story – a complete thought. Now that the creative thinking regarding plot and character arcs is over, I can spend my creative thinking on the actual writing. How does it read? What doesn’t make sense because I was writing it at 11:30pm and half asleep?

I’m hoping to go through and revise/edit the entire book rather quickly so that the story is just a little more polished. Once I do that I will go through it again more slowly, maybe one chapter at a time or one page at a time and be really ruthless.

After I feel good about the editing I have done on my own I will seek the feedback of beta readers! I’m equally excited and scared about that phase.

Even though there’s so much to be done and I know the process won’t be easy or fast I am so happy that I’ve completed a draft. It just makes it feel so much more real. I’ve had a dream to be a published author since I was maybe in 6th grade?! And I’m on that road (hopefully self-publishing but I could change my mind)!

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