Why You and Your Spouse Should Plan a Vacation Without Kids

I get to share an extra blog post with you this week! Stay tuned for my regular blog post coming out on Thursday. But today, you get to check out why I think you should go on vacation with your spouse and why you should leave your kids at home, if you can.

The first time we left our kids for a full week was scary and hard, but very rewarding. After going through a tough, sleep deprived phase of parenting littles it was so refreshing to get a break and remember that I am an individual with needs too. It also helped us remember that our marriage needs care and attention.
One reason I value these marriage getaways is that we are setting an example for our kids that our relationship is incredibly valuable and deserves this. It doesn’t have to be a week long cruise. It can be whatever you want it to be: a weekend at a cabin, an overnight at a hotel, even just evening date nights and spending alone time with your spouse on a regular basis. We’ve taken advantage of my husband’s work-related conferences a couple of times as well, where I have gone with him to attend a conference. It’s not exactly a romantic getaway but we still get to travel and get out of our normal routine. A week-long vacation without your kids isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. But if you have total trust in your childcare providers (for us it’s grandparents) it can be a fun memory for everyone!
But a word of caution here.
What if I told you that it doesn’t take a great vacation to make a great marriage, it actually takes a great marriage to make a vacation great?

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