Why I Am Taking A Creative Hiatus From My PHONE

On March 1st I will be uninstalling Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I am on these apps more than I care to admit and I just feel very strongly that I am at a pivotal point right now where I need all the extra focus, time, and energy I can get. Let me explain why.

First, I do plan on re-installing and re-using these apps in the future because I do see the benefits and the blessings of it. But right now I find myself comparing myself more than is healthy and feeling disappointed in what I put out there.

This is an unhealthy pattern I have recognized in myself and instead of just being internally pouty and unhappy with myself and sucked into watching other people’s lives I have decided to cut it out for the month. I will still access facebook on my laptop but not having it on my phone will be different for a change. Remember life before facebook or instagram? Weird to think about, I know.

Anyway: what is my purpose in this break? My purpose is to regain some mental focus and clarity on the things that truly matter in my everyday life. Things like being fully present with my kids, becoming more productive with my time, and less distracted. When I am not constantly bombarding myself with social media content I have more space in my brain for the here and now, what’s right in front of me (not on my screen). I have noticed too that when I am not watching TV or not scrolling mindlessly I tend to be more creative.

I’m going to be talking a lot about creativity in the month of March and I have at least 2 more blog posts planned and almost finished so please subscribe so you get the next blog! Lately, I’ve been relaxing a little bit and letting my creative juices flow. I’ve been exploring some possible writing projects (and not just blog-writing either) and music projects to be a little more specific. But I’m not ready to give it all away yet. So, this month for me, in spending less time on my phone, is so that I can spend more time with Jesus and in prayer about what kinds of creative things I can do and be able to do well for His glory.

Aside from trying to discover my creative potential and stop comparing myself to other people, I also want to plan for some direction for the upcoming school year and do some investigating into how I can best educate my children and meet their unique needs. I will be focusing more on that stuff in April too as I get ready to attend another Homeschooling Conference.

But to some it all up, I am dying to create things and am wrestling with God a little bit right now asking him WHY do I feel this unshakeable urge to be creative. How can I channel this desire I have and what can I do to bring more glory to Him and to His Kingdom? This is at the heart of my March social media fast.

So, if you want to stay in touch with me, sign up for my email newsletter and you will get all my blogs in your email (THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who already are! I am elated to have you). I will not be on instagram at all in March. I will be on facebook if you know me personally. But if we are not facebook friends and you are reading this, subscribing is the best way to stay updated. With the potential projects I have in the works, I am going to need YOU! Thank you.

Looking forward to the things coming up and hope you all are doing well!

Published by Jessica

Wife, mom, homeschooler, DIY-er, blogger

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