The Declutter Anthem: At Last Parody

If you’ve been like me, this month has been full of decluttering, organizing, purging, and spending lots of time in the Declutter like a mother official facebook group talking about all of Allie’s tips and Marie Kondo methods.

Then one night the idea came and this parody video was born.

Now, this is super out of my comfort zone and something I’ve never done before! But I love music and have always enjoyed singing and I just figured why not try this out. The audio isn’t the best but it’s what I can do with the equipment I have. #samsunggalaxys9+

It was a lot of fun putting this together and is different than anything I’ve done before creatively speaking so I hope you enjoy it and can find some humor in your own decluttering journey!

Published by Jessica

Wife, mom, homeschooler, DIY-er, blogger

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