My (sorta minimalist) Advice: Kids Christmas Gifts

“Whatever your reason to celebrate Christmas, there are a lot of us moms who feel completely overwhelmed and overloaded with all the ‘stuff’ that being a parent brings. This isn’t just a Christmas problem either, it happens at birthdays too. So please take a minute and hear us all out. A lot of moms these are days are into minimalism and are trying to be more intentional with the kinds of toys and things we allow into our homes. Maybe we want more natural or eco friendly toys, maybe we just want less toys, maybe we want more learning toys, or want to build a better book collection.

It’s not that we are ungrateful, but we’ve noticed that the more toys and presents our kids get, the less grateful our kids actually are. Christmas for them becomes a game of whether or not they will get to check everything off their Christmas wish list. And we’re not fans of what it’s doing to our kids.”

To read the rest of my post head over to the Rochester City Moms Blog 

You won’t want to miss the three things I go over as we approach Christmas!

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