Week 5 One Room Challenge: If Only I Was Mary Poppins

If I’m honest, I am nowhere where I wanted to be with this room challenge. I likely won’t get everything done that was on my list in time and I think I need to just accept that and keep doing what I can.

Between health issues, appointments, Halloween, homeschooling my kids, and normal day-to-day life things are just happening very slow for me. Oh well. I am not Mary Poppins even though I was her for Halloween. I can’t snap my fingers and have tasks do themselves with haste. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Original JessicaDenyse.com

But, I promise you I will definitely have some fun before and afters with staging and all for my next blog post!

But first, I want to give an update on this DIY paint I’ve been using from Debi’s Design Diary. I purchased mine online at JamiRayVintage.com. I love her furniture tutorials on youtube and when I saw she painted her cabinets with this kind of paint I decided that’s what I wanted to do. It is clay based paint with nothing toxic in it. It smells a little bit like playdough but that’s okay because it’s not strong and I don’t have to worry about the kids breathing in paint fumes because this stuff is totally safe and non toxic! It’s highly pigmented and doesn’t need to be stirred. By the way, this is NOT sponsored, I bought this paint with my own money and am happy to share what I know about it.


So far I love how the paint looks. The colors are dreamy. I chose Vintage Linen for the upper cabinets and Weathered Wood for the lowers. The colors go well together and actually match my decor PERFECTLY. The weathered wood color pulls the dark tones from the flooring which make the floors pop! It also is about the same color as my metal dining room chairs* which is also really cool.


Thanks to Jami Ray herself, via instagram, I picked these colors per her advice! So, in case you read this Jami, thank you!!


I still have a few coats of paint to do and some sealing to do as well.

Next week I am going to attempt making cushions for my dining room chairs and then I will finish the staging and cleaning and take a ton of cool pictures for you all. I will also need to add some wall paint where my beige backsplash is. I wanted to do something fun for the backsplash but I’m just not going to get to it this time.

I’m looking forward to showing off some vintage and heirloom pieces on my dining table as well as some awesome thrifting finds so definitely come back for the final reveal.

What it looks like today

Here are the links to the ORC Blog below! Thanks for visiting.

And if you missed my other posts, start with this one! My sister-in-law, who is a professional organizer, came over to help me purge and minimize my kitchen a little bit and it was awesome!

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*Disclosure: Affiliate link to amazon means if you click and make a purchase I will make a small commission. Thank you for your support!

If only Marry Poppins could snap her fingers to get this room challenge done (1)

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3 thoughts on “Week 5 One Room Challenge: If Only I Was Mary Poppins

  1. Hi Jessica! I like both colors that you chose for your cabinets. We are going to do some updates to cabinets in our guest house soon and will have to consider this brand of paint!

    1. Yes! It is a fun artisan furniture paint. I wish I had a sprayer though, the finish would look much smoother. But I’m okay with seeing some texture and brush strokes.

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