The ORC Week 4: a kitchen cabinet update

I am super behind on this week’s blog post! I don’t have a huge update but I will share some pictures since that’s the best part of our ORC posts sometimes 😛

I got one section of my cabinets onto the step where I get to actually add the color. So I’ll show that below. I am loving the color. It looks just barely different from the white primer so it is hard to see where I have painted and where I haven’t!

Here are my cabinets doors on the kitchen floor from today.


Here is what the open can looks like. This is Debi’s Design Diary DIY paint. It is clay/chalk paint and actually smells a bit like playdough which I found interesting. It is super thick and goes on nice and creamy. I’m so excited to finish this step!



Here’s a close up of the color. Can you see the difference? If you look closely the left side of this panel is painted in the color called Vintage Linen. The right section is the white primer.

I’ve had a busy week for other reasons so I haven’t gotten as much done for the ORC this week. Next week my mom is going to come over to help me with the kids so hopefully I will be a little more productive and have some more fun pictures to share.

I almost forgot to mention that I made a stop to HomeGoods and got some fun placemats for Thanksgiving. I got a few other things too and when I stage my table and take pictures you will see all of the fun things!

Looking forward to next week!!!

Week 4 Guest Participants

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