Undertaking the Kitchen Cabinets (DIY style)

I never thought October 14th would be our first snow fall. I guess that comes with the territory when living in Minnesota. The cold weather has been super unmotivating for me. I’ve also been battling a cold which I am finally on the mend from and the kids and I have had a lot of activities planned. So…my kitchen projects have not progressed as much as I would have liked.


I did manage to at least start painting my kitchen cabinets so that’s good! Hopefully I will have a much more detailed and exciting update for you all next week 😉


This is my official “before” photo.

I decided to go with a “Jami-Ray Vintage” style kitchen cabinet paint finish…meaning I am following the advice of one of my favorite DIY-ers to watch on youtube. I am using Fairy Chalk Mother High Bond Primer and some DIY Paints. I’m really excited to get to the actual painting part but I want to make sure I get a good solid layer of primer on first. So, the cabinets got a good scrub down and sanding before the priming began.


I’ll wait till next to week to share more exciting things. I’m also hoping to sneak in some time to pick up some things from Home Goods or something over the weekend. Oh yes! And my replacement soap dish came in the mail in tact with all the pieces. It’s super cute and I am glad I got the real deal this time. The spare one with the missing tray has become a bed for my sponge…so all is well.

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Click for the broom*, soap tray*, and scrubbie* I am loving off amazon. (*affiliate links enable me to blog better, thank you so much)

All my painting supplies and list of products will be in Next weeks blog!

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