Kitchen DECLUTTER and shop! {The ORC Week 2}

As much as I wanted to start with the more fun things like painting and decorating I knew I had to start from the inside-out. That meant taking everything out of the cupboards and purging, reorganizing, and rethinking the functionality of everything in my kitchen.

I am in the kitchen like 90% of the time! So it’s worth the extra time and money to make the kitchen a truly enjoyable and functional space in this season of my life.

I am SO excited to share my beautiful sister-in-law, Alex with you. Alex recently began her own business as a professional home organizer. You can visit her page at Awaken Home Organizing. She came over and together we tackled the kitchen cabinets and pantry.

S19A4403We had to work around all 6 of our kids under the same roof and deal with many interruptions and lots of noise! #momlife But it was okay because the cousins had so much fun playing together all day long. So, just know that normally on a job she would work on her own. Even so, I was so impressed with her ability and drive to just GET STARTED. Within minutes she had my pantry completely emptied out.

Everything from the pantry now on the table
Pantry before (left) and after (right). I still want to get some cereal containers and I’m not super happy with how full the bottom shelf is…however, it is MUCH better to have my larger things (that I do use regularly) stored there than on top of my cabinets creating visual clutter.

Then, as she sorted and threw a few older or almost empty things away she quickly realized we needed some supplies. So, I gave her my card and she went to The Family Dollar (the only store we have in town that would carry organizing things). She came back with some great tubs and baskets and jars for organizing. I think this is one of the most important steps to finding order in any space. You need the right kinds of bins or containers to keep your things organized. She told me if a particular bin is too full of stuff or it doesn’t fit right on the shelf you won’t be able to keep it organized. A lot of this is trial and error too. So she would put one thing in a container and then realize that it’s not the best way to organize that thing so she would put it back and then find something else that worked much better.

Before and after! Found a new home for travel mugs and water bottles and got rid of a few things too. The basket on the top shelf (right) are my special gluten free things.

So, all day, we went through each cabinet one by one and took everything out. Cleaning out the shelving felt good too as it hadn’t been done in a LONG time. I filled a huge bin of things to donate and threw out all the expired or damaged items. To save space in my kitchen and make it more functional on a daily basis Alex suggested I put my larger things that I don’t use as often in a bin and store it in the garage. So, things like my giant turkey roasting pan (I use maybe once or twice a year) go in the bin and in the garage. That has now freed up a ton of space in my cabinets for the things I use regularly.

She even gave me some homework since we couldn’t finish everything completely. But this was such a great start and I feel so motivated to keep it up and finish well. It really does help get me excited about painting the cabinets too because they are cleaned out. It will be easier to do the more fun visual changes now that the insides are better.

As we went through everything and did lots of cleaning afterwards I realized I needed to buy a few things. My dish scrubber was falling apart, my broom is in rough shape, and I don’t have any soap dispensers or holders for the soaps I use constantly on my counter.

So, I put in a quick amazon order!

Anyone get so happy when their amazon orders arrive?

Sorry, these pictures are disgusting but I love a good dramatic before and after…even if it is of a dish scrubber!


Meet the Full Circle Bamboo Dish Brush*. I just found this after browsing amazon for a few minutes. I like the shape and size of it and the fact that it is very eco friendly. We’ll see how it holds up, but this green one was less than $5 and …it is quite pretty…for a dish scrubber.

I also ordered this cool broom*. Oh. My. Goodness. I really like this broom. It is not your typical broom. The comb on the dustpan to help keep the broom clean is brilliant. The bristles on it are very flexible and soft too compared to my old one. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy sweeping a lot more! And let’s get real…I have young kids so I sweep a lot. I think they will be able to help more too as this dust pan seems much easier to handle.

Image and product can be found on Amazon here.

I also ordered this adorable soap dish*. I was disappointed when it came because it actually was missing the tray with the holes in it. I just received the bottom portion. So…that’s weird. Thankfully, Amazon is sending a replacement without having to return it or spend more money. So I’ll have to update you on that later when I get the replacement. Hopefully both pieces are there this time.

Image and product link can be found here.

You know you’re an adult when you get excited about new soap scrubbies and brooms… what have I become? Oh well! It’s these little things that can make a big difference though. If you can’t repaint your cabinets or get new appliances just buy some nicer cleaning tools. The next *big* investment I want to make is in a nice trash can. Seriously folks…who am I!? Only “grownups” get excited about new trash cans. I can’t even. HA!

I am off to finish organizing and making some plans for painting the cabinets while I wait for my paint order to arrive. I also need to figure out what to do with my counter tops… considering a faux finish either with some heavy duty contact paper or painting them – I want to do whatever is easier and more affordable!

As always, make sure to check out the One Room Challenge here! Have fun perusing all the other room challenges that are no doubt way cooler than mine 😛


And if you want to be extra special, you’ll check out the video I made of our organizing day.


*The links to Amazon are affiliate links. You do not have to use the links if that makes you feel uncomfortable. But as an Amazon affiliate I can make a small commission from those purchases which helps to support my hobbies and our family. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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7 thoughts on “Kitchen DECLUTTER and shop! {The ORC Week 2}

  1. The best way to organize for me is to empty it all out and start over. Isn’t it so nice to have things in it’s place? You can find things and it looks good too. Love your new dish scrubber! 🙂

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