The One Room Challenge: Week 1 *The Before/Current State*


I did the ORC in my bedroom 2 years ago and really had a lot of fun. I barely knew anything about blogging then and I still feel like I have so much to learn but I want to jump in and finish the things I have going on in my small kitchen and dining room space.

I have to be upfront and explain that I am not doing any major renovations at all. I have very little funds for this room right now and so what I do needs to be inexpensive. I am no professional interior designer. I am a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom who has loved all things HGTV since being a little girl. Now that I have my own house to play around with I enjoy blogging my journey.

I really wanted to do the Fall One Room Challenge (ORC) in my guest room. That space needs a lot of help right now and I dream of turning it into a functional and cozy homeschool room that can also double as a guest room. But… as much as I wanted to do that I kept getting this nagging feeling that I should do the kitchen instead. There’s a lot of unfinished projects in my kitchen and I think for now the kitchen will be the best use of my time.

So, let me explain where things are at right now in this space:
The flooring has been replaced. The walls have been painted. The walls used to be a very yellow beige. It was a harsh beige and I was not a fan. Now the walls are sort of a gray color. I like to describe it as clay, or mud. The name of the color on the swatch we tried to match it with was called ‘ancient wonder’. The trim has begun being painted but isn’t finished. I have a few fall decor items in my dining room that are new. The curtains are new in the last year so those will be staying. I have an amazing table and hutch that I painted and refinished myself which I still love.

The current state of my kitchen. Dishwasher open and all.

While I would love to get new appliances and new countertops and light fixtures I just don’t have a budget for that. So, I’m going to make do with what I have and just do my best to DIY it and make everything look prettier.

Here is my hutch on the wall where the deck door is and the garage door.

Our house is a little funky. We have vaulted ceilings in our great room but then there are some wall cutouts. A few days ago we finally finished painting over the icky beige color and this is what my husband had to do to reach up in this spot! HA.

Here is a list of all the things I want to get done during this Fall ORC:

  1. Re-organize and purge pantry
  2. Re-organize and purge all cupboards
  3. Purge and re-organize Hutch
  4. Paint cabinets
  5. Update countertops without replacing them
  6. Finish painting the trim
  7. Make chair cushions
  8. Restain table and hutch tops if there’s time?
  9. Possibly do something creative to camouflage the appliances if time allows?
I’m not sure why this image is so blurry. But here’s an example of how unorganized my pantry is.
My dining room at night time. I am liking the little decorations I have right now but I need to dress up my table for the Holidays and add chair cushions.

I have been doing a lot of research on paints and how I want my cabinets to look. I’ve ordered the supplies I need and so until I get the paints I will focus mainly on organizing. I want to live more simply and use wasted space. I know I can live with less and so I want to really pair down on the things in my kitchen I actually will use and need and get rid of the things that are just taking up space. We also have had a lot of glassware and dishes break over the years and so I need to asses the situation there and consider replacing some pieces or getting something new.

A lot of the work for me here is going to involve the behind the scenes stuff: organizing the pantry and cupboards. THANKFULLY, my sister-in-law is on her way now to help me get started. She recently started a home organizing business. I’m excited to share more about her and what we accomplish together after today is over!

The other big project for me will be painting the cabinets. I don’t want to skip any steps because I want the paint to look amazing and last a long time.

Here’s a few more before pictures:


I’m excited to share next week! Be sure to go look through the One Room Challenge site and all the other amazing bloggers out there.

See you next time!

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4 thoughts on “The One Room Challenge: Week 1 *The Before/Current State*

  1. I’m always super impressed when people take on their Kitchen for ORC…looks like you guys are already have fun with it…looking forward to seeing the final look!

    1. Thank you!! Yes the kitchen is a big undertaking. Thankfully for me I’m not doing any “major” renovations…just trying to work with what I have and just make it look a little nicer 😉 So that helps me out a bit.

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