What This Christian Mom Really Thought of The Incredibles 2

We recently saw The Incredibles 2 as a family. I had heard great things about the movie but nothing super specific. Having loved the first one I didn’t think much of it, of course we’d go see the second! Especially after successfully completing 100 days of no TV during the summer, it would be fun to take the kids to see a movie in the theater again!

It WAS a great movie that we all thoroughly enjoyed. HOWEVER, there were a few things that I wish I had some warning about. So below I’m going to share a few things I didn’t like about the movie and a few things that I loved about it.

So, here’s what disappointed me in the movie:

  1. Language

    Sadly, this is becoming par for the course of most PG rated movies these days, even if they are meant for a younger audience. This bothers me because young children do not have the maturity to filter what is or isn’t appropriate language for their age group. An adult has every right to use whatever language they choose, but a child should not have the same freedom because they don’t understand the implications language makes. So, on more than one occasion the phrases “Oh my God” and “What the Hell” were used. I want to say the word “damn” was in there too but I could be wrong… I can’t remember. On the way home from the movie my oldest son (who is only 6) was able to point out that they said bad things in the movie and we were able to have a fruitful discussion about it.

  2. Creepiness Factor

    I get that there are bad guys in movies and that’s what makes a good story, BUT… there was one particular scene that had a creepiness factor that reminded me more of a horror movie. It creeped me out and I’m an adult. I kept looking over at my kids to see if they were melting down or not but they all did okay in the moment. Here’s the scene:
    Elastigirl is on the hunt for the “Screenslaver”: the mysterious bad guy who is controlling people by hacking computer systems and hypnotising them through the screens. On a few occasions we see a visual of this mystery man wearing what kind of looks like a gas mask. It’s creepy, the voice is creepy… when she finally reaches the room and sneaks inside it’s dark and there’s all kind of gadgets and gizmos about and it’s all quite creepy. Of course, he sneaks up on her from behind and just about blinds her with a completely “screened” in room that he suddenly turns on.
    Fast forward now. The kids have seen the movie, we’ve talked about it, they liked it… yadada. Theo tells me 2 days later he had a bad dream that night with the creeper from the movie in it. …Great. So… parents beware. It’s a great movie, but there are some creepy moments where the scary factor is just a little much for my preference in an Incredibles movie.

  3. Tricky Villain *SPOILER ALERT*

    I was slightly reminded of Zootopia by this film. I do think this movie was better than Zootopia but one similarity they have that kind of annoyed me is that the “villain” or “antagonist” appears to be one of the good guys for the majority of the movie. It’s a plot twist that I did sort of see coming. But, as far as my kids are concerned, they still feel a little confused about who the bad guy actually was. The “tricky villain” type of bad guy is starting to get old as it’s becoming more and more popular to write stories with these types of villains in them.

  4. Pacing

    This movie was long and it felt long. If you’re an adult it will probably be fine. But for kids…it’s too long. My kids handled it fine because it held their attention. Still, some of the scenes with the extra dialogue and backstories and the grownups arguing or sipping cocktails and chatting just seemed too long and unnecessary. The super intense actions scenes were also long, and then there would be long scenes with no action in them at all. I feel like it could have been a little more fluid.

Now that we’ve got the negative out of the way here is what I loved:

  1. Character development of the heroes/heroines

    Disney/Pixar nailed it with these characters. The characters were all loveable and interesting in the first film and their storylines, personalities, qualities and flaws are all well developed in the second film.

  2. Action sequences

    The creativity that went into figuring out how to write the action sequences is astounding. I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time thinking, “How did they come up with that idea!?” a lot. I think the train scene was one of my favorites. Elastigirl chasing a runaway train with her elasti-motorcycle was definitely a game changer for a runaway train scene.

  3. Family Values and Relationships Upheld

    Watching this family of 5 stick together and go fight crime is such a treat. They didn’t always get along and they still have conflict with each other. But, they’re all able to put that all aside, come together, and truly become an unstoppable team. The roles that all 3 kids play in this movie are completely vital to this story and really sweet. The kids, in the end, really did save the day and they did it because they love their parents and that’s really sweet to see in a movie.

  4. Marriage

    I loved watching the relationship dynamic between Helen and Bob. There was conflict and tension and for good reason, yet they handled it beautifully. Bob knew that it was a sacrifice to let Helen step into the spotlight for the greater good of their family and future and that was hard for him. Then, he struggled to pull off being a stay-at-home dad and the struggle was so relatable (other than having a baby with mysterious super powers). Yet, in the end, the two of them maintained a healthy relationship and the conflict they experienced only made them stronger as a couple

  5. Jack-Jack and Edna are some of the best characters ever

    Jack-Jack was the best part of the movie. The scenes with Jack-Jack were definitely my favorite. Hilarious, relatable, creative, and just what I wanted to see of Jack-Jack. “Auntie” Edna became a pivotal role in the film too, not just for making costumes, but for helping a dad make it through a really tough week. And *spoiler alert ahead* I think Jack-Jack was the one who ultimately saved the day. It was his relationship and pull to his mom and baby super power instincts that helped the good guys win in the end. I loved that addition to the story!

So, there ya have it. I am no professional movie critic by any means but I do enjoy film and I like picking them apart sometimes too. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Incredibles 2 and if you agree or disagree with me!

The other thing I didn’t mention was the little twist at the very end which reveals something about the entire message of the movie and what it thinks of superhero movies. I won’t say more than that, instead I’ll let you see it for yourself or go watch a youtube video of someone who will explain it a lot more eloquently than I would.

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