Preparing as a First Time Vendor!

I am running out of time to prepare for this event I am going to be a vendor at and I’m kind of freaking out about it.

All the thoughts and feelings race through my head, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep! I worry I’m going to sell nothing and that no one will like my work. I’m afraid that I will fail the logistics. I’m worried I’m taking on too much and asking for help too much. I fear it will be a bust and the amount of work I put into it won’t pay off.

It’s kind of like that feeling when you are on your way up the really scary roller coaster you’ve never been on before. It’s either going to be awesome or you’ll hate it. But the suspense going up is torture. That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I’m committed and have to finish the ride. I’m excited yet nervous.

Fixing a drawer with wood glue and lots of random things to weigh it down

I have a 3 piece dresser set I haven’t even started working on yet. I have 2 dressers that are both halfway done. I have small objects that need to get painted. I have 2 end tables that need to get painted. I have a couple of chairs too. I have a completed desk and a completed high chair!

So… I’m not sure how much blogging or video editing I will be focusing on in the next three weeks. But I AM documenting progress and I do want to show certain things in videos so stay tuned for those coming! It just might take me awhile to get that content out. You know… I am a stay at home mom and we’re homeschooling too, so I feel very busy. I’m going to be relieved when this event is over. But I HOPE it ends up being worth it. I feel like I’m taking a big step by committing to this and being a total newbie. I’m excited too because I love the furniture I’m doing and I love how things are turning out.

In the meantime, follow me on instagram for all the real time updates and you can watch the videos I’ve made already. Thank you so much! See you soon.

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