100 Days of NO TV: 2 weeks left!

Are we going to get rid of Netflix for good?

I recently asked my kids a few questions about our TV free summer. We’ve talked about it together on occasion and I feel they grasp the purpose behind this exercise. But I thought it would be interesting to try and interview them and just see what they had to say for themselves without me leading them.

Here’s how it went.

If you don’t want to watch the video they kept getting a little distracted by things and having too much fun with my camera phone. But they did say things like, “it’s hard” as well as “it’s good”. My son even explained to me that they don’t whine about the TV anymore because the TV used to make them whine. My interpretation of that is that life seems less complicated in a way without the TV. We don’t have to spend time figuring out what we will watch, when we will watch it, and how long we will watch it for.

Honestly, I never thought that this experiment would lead me to say that “life is less complicated without a TV” because I was believing that the TV made my life easier. It babysat my kids for an hour or two so I could do x,y,z. But…living without it for almost 3 months now has me saying something totally different. I’ll have to analyze this more and share more later because I’m both surprised at my own conclusions and fascinated at the same time.

All in all, the kids seem to be very happy and they don’t miss it very much. There are times we want to watch a movie with friends or family or on a rainy day but they don’t beg for the time filler on a daily basis like we were used to doing.

I’m excited to share more about my thoughts surrounding this experience with you soon. I also need to sit down with my husband and have some detailed conversations about how we want our relationship with TV/movies to look from here on out. After the 100 days are over, what will we do? Will we just go back to our old ways? Do we want to practice some new boundaries or make some new rules? Like will we get rid of Netflix? These are things I haven’t fully thought through yet but I’m excited to do so soon.

If you have any rules or guidelines you use in your family please share them below so I can hear! I would also love to hear if you’ve ever taken a media break or a TV break before and what you learned from your experience.



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