Day 1 & 2 of Homeschool!

We did our first day of school yesterday!

It went really well considering it was the first time in a LONG time that we’ve sat down for some real structured learning.

I decided to start early and slow (only doing Math and reading curriculum) so that we can simply develop a habit/routine of doing those two subjects every day. After Labor Day we will start our Classical Conversations community and then I will add in some more things and make our school days a little more rounded out.

For now, this works.

We got an early start so that we can have time to find a good groove. I also want plenty of time to finish our math books. We also will have plenty of time over the year to take time off when we need to (for holidays, sick days, travel days, etc). Since we will have CC (classical conversations) every Tuesday, I didn’t want to plan for any other schooling those days, going to CC is enough! So we’ll be doing school work at home 4 days a week, sometimes 3 days a week if there’s a Holiday or field trip planned.

Math was a bit of a struggle for my Theo at first. It took him some time to remember things and review stuff since it had been a few months since we did any math book work. But now that we’ve gotten through Day 2 of math and finished a lesson in his Math U See Alpha book I can already tell he’s getting back into it quickly. Today went much smoother and quicker and I’m so proud. Rosie is doing Math U See Primer and the first half of that book is so easy and fun, she flew through her pages.

We did 1 lesson in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons* and 1 lesson in The First Language Lessons.* That went well. Theo and Rosie are at about the same level and because they are so close in age I decided to teach them English and reading together. Hopefully that works out okay! If we need to change that up a bit throughout the year we will.

I want to spend another post dedicated to our English & Reading Curriculum because there’s something else I am supplementing with. So stay tuned for more about that.

Until next time, enjoy my new youtube channel and our first day of homeschool video 😉

And if you missed the post about our homeschool name, be sure to check that out too.



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