Take this map, and go.

χάρτης Academy

The above word is a Greek word. My husband used his Logos Bible Software to find out it’s a word that is actually not found in the New Testament at all. Even still, we like the word for naming our homeschool. Spelling it in English is supposed to be Chártis but to make things easier for pronunciation and spelling we will be spelling it Kartis.

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Kartis Academy

Why name a homeschool? Well, for may reasons. Mainly because it’s fun but also to make it a little more official. Don’t all schools have a name. Maybe the school is named after a location, or a person, but sometimes schools have other unique names too. I didn’t want to just call our homeschool by our name, I wanted it to be a little more interesting.

Choosing a Greek word makes it unique and something you won’t hear a lot. It also displays our love for Scripture, since the New Testament was written in ancient Greek. I thought about picking a Hebrew word too…but those translations, pronunciations, and spellings are much much worse (at least to me who is NOT a linguistic student like my husband is). So Greek it was.

Kartis means map. So, in short, our homeschooling will aim to lay out a map as a foundation for life. Take this map and use it to navigate your future. We will teach you how to read the map and what tools you’ll need along the way. This map will be your guide wherever you go or whatever you do.

Thinking of our homeschool as a map helps me think long-term. If I can visualize the big picture, that by 18 years of age our children will have legal freedom to go be adults in this world, I see how I am building their map now, whether I recognize it or not. I want to be as intentional as possible when it comes to building a map for my kids and homeschooling is how we stay intentional. When they learn to read, that’s adding a new road on their map. When they learn how to send mail, or write a check, that’s another road.

18 years really isn’t that long. My oldest is 6 and I already feel that. He said the other day out of the blue, “Mom, in 10 years I’m going to want a car.” Thanks for the reminder, kid. I can do my best to set them up for success, watch them grow, and then watch them go. So, building maps is what we do and what we’re about. There will many facets, components and pieces. There will be bumps along the way. There might be setbacks. I’m okay with that. I know the journey will be interesting. It won’t be what I expect. It won’t be easy. It will be fun but sometimes it won’t be fun. It will be rewarding and fulfilling but sometimes it will also be stressful and hard. This is okay. I don’t do this because it’s supposed to a bed of roses.

I am choosing to homeschool for many reasons. I’m not going to get into all of that now. I will save that for another post. But, to put it simply, I know this is what I am called to do.  I am feeling pretty certain it’s for the long-haul but I am no predictor of circumstances and I understand that there are some situations and contexts where homeschooling is not the right choice. I don’t know if we will ever be in one of those situations or contexts so I don’t know for certain if we will homeschool for the next 15 or so years. But at least, for right now, I think it’s highly likely we will, and that helps keep a good perspective on this journey.

So our homeschool will be called Kartis Academy. We’re building a map for their future, a map they can take wherever they go.

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In my next blog post I will be breaking down our curriculum choices for this year and going over costs and materials. I am trying to keep things simple and as minimalist as possible because I know I am wired to over-buy on anything and everything. So I’m trying to stick with the things I KNOW I need and skipping the rest. If you’re interested in hearing about that I hope you decided to follow me via email so you don’t miss my posts. If I share my post via facebook at a weird time of day it can easily get lost in the feed. So, do that if you haven’t already and thank you so much if you already have! You can also follow me on instagram. I always post a link to my latest blogs there. Thank you so much and happy homeschooling!

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