How’s The TV Fast Going????!?!?!?! Day 71. (Shh I cheated)

I haven’t forgotten!!!

There have just been so many things to do, other stuff to think about, things to write about, the TV fast has not been on my mind hardly at all lately.

I think that must mean the fast is accomplishing it’s purpose??

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Today, Friday August 10th will mark Day 71 of 100! We are over halfway through. Basically, here’s how it’s going:

Amazingly well.

The kids will ask me maybe once a week about watching a show and I just remind them of the plan and we have a little mental list going of the movies and shows we are looking forward to watching together again.

The kids are playing pretty well with each other (for the most part) but I recognize that some level of fighting is very normal and I have to remember it’s good for them too. They need to learn social norms, conflict resolution, how to apologize, etc! So it’s okay sometimes.

Plus, we’ve had so many birthdays this season and fun things to do that they have more than enough things to entertain themselves, not to mention a lot of playtime outside. Rosie and Theo both can climb our Maple tree in the front yard. TJ tries and gets frustrated, but if I lift him up there he is perfectly content sitting on a branch for a good 10 minutes.

The time that I personally would be watching Netflix has now been filled with things like, actually cleaning up my kitchen at the end of the day, blogging, making youtube videos! HA! I do have to confess that Nick and I are both still watching youtube (I’m pretty addicted to a few homeschool channels and DIY channels), but’s it’s still usually when the kids are not around and the videos are short (and I almost always speed them up, lol). So still the overall amount of time spent actively watching some form of entertainment is far less.

I did cheat one day though.

Nick was gone on a mission trip with his youth group in July and while he was gone I decided to surprise him by giving our bathroom a makeover, and painting our living room walls. It was very time consuming (I did trim work, walls, cabinets etc), especially when you count the prep time and the clean up time. My mom was staying with me most of those days to help with the kids. They had a blast! But… one day in particular I could tell everyone was getting very tired, it was very hot outside, and Grandma needed a break. I wanted to keep working though. So…I decided that this could be an acceptable exception. So I let the kids watch a movie on Netflix while grandma napped and I kept painting. It was one 90 minute movie and it really did help on that particular day. I didn’t want to impose my fast on my mom. This isn’t her thing it’s my thing. If she were babysitting with me not around she’d normally be able to watch a show with the kids, so I cheated. Hope you’re not mad.

After that though I did feel a strong temptation to find other excuses to “cheat”. One day I was particularly tired, had a bad headache, and the kids were whiny and it was raining outside. I wanted to cheat that day too. I wanted them to be quiet. I wanted to lay on the couch and take a nap. They were whining at me incessantly about wanting to watch something. I saw this is as a perfect example for how sin works in our lives. We justify one tiny thing and it inevitably leads to another. I knew this in my head. So I fought it hard. I kept telling myself we can survive this day without TV, after all we’ve been doing it, look how far we had come. I told the kids to clean the living room. They immediately assumed that meant that once they cleaned the room they could watch something. They assumed wrongly, but man did they clean! By the time they were done, they had forgotten all about it and were happily playing with each other on the floor of our clean living room. The moment of temptation passed.

So hopefully this gives you a little idea of what’s been like living with no TV in the house. Overall, it’s been a fantastic, growing, and empowering experience. But I AM looking forward to letting it back in our lives in appropriate moderation.

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