A Little Announcement {I Freaked Out Today.} MESS=STRESS

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on having better home maintenance. What I mean is keeping things tidy on a regular basis. I have to be real here and tell you that I am not good at this! I never have been. I do not like cleaning or picking up. Part of me does love organization, but getting there is hard.

So, I’ve been trying to just do better at keeping the kitchen clean. Small goals help sometimes. That’s been working out pretty good so far.

Today though, I got ambitious. I’m trying to prepare my house for the school year. I want to take homeschooling more seriously this year and I have more planned than I did last year. I have more material to use and more things to keep organized. So, out of motivation to be well prepared and well organized for my homeschool year I decided to start organizing.

I began with the homeschool supplies. That, however, lead me to the large living room bookshelf that has books, games, homeschool supplies, art supplies, and toys on it! That’s a lot of stuff. Okay, so then I started working on the bookshelf.

But, then as I was purging the bookshelf and re-organizing the stuff there I am realizing a lot of these toys belong in the boys room, not the living room bookshelf. Some of the toys I found were missing pieces and I went hunting in the boys room to find them.

That quickly overwhelmed me because even though my son had been doing a fantastic job keeping his room clean for a couple of months, somehow in the last couple of weeks it became a disaster! I’m thinking the little brother had a lot to do with that. How was I supposed to properly organize the boy toys I found from the living room when the boys room was a complete disaster? So, then I started working in the boys room!

All this time I was also thinking, and thinking, and thinking about all the possible storage solutions, what things I should possibly get rid of, what furniture I should move around or switch out. Suddenly, the 1 task I wanted to focus on this week has turned into what feels like a mountain of messes. It was mentally exhausting having my spaghetti brain in so many directions.

Every room in my house needs organizational help! Except for my bedroom right now…I’m pretty content with how that space functions at the moment! Same with the kitchen I guess too, the kitchen is okay.

But both kids room, the guest room, the living room, don’t even get me started on the basement. It all needs some serious organizing attention. And I feel totally unprepared and paralyzed and have no idea where to start.

I think about how in order to create order in the boys room I really need the IKEA bunk bed finally built all the way (right now we just have the bottom bed up, not the top) so that we can move Theo to the top and put TJ on the bottom and get rid of the toddler bed which is taking up so much space. But, I can’t do that by myself and I don’t even know if I remember where all the tools are for that. Uhg!

I just kept getting more and more frustrated as the day went on with how I’ve been living in this mess. I really do want to change. I want to be better at home maintenance and organization. I want to have a good system in place so I can enjoy life more and not spend so much time trying to figure out how to organize everything.

But, man, it’s hard knowing where to start.

Tomorrow I will try to refocus on just the essential homeschool stuff and find a good place for those things. The rest of it will come, hopefully. I need to remind myself there is no deadline, just my own expectations.

I might go looking for some organizational units or bins or something later this week but we will see how tomorrow goes after a night of sleep.

A moment of conviction hit me though as I was scrolling facebook while procrastinating and saw a very sad story. I saw a terrible headline explaining the current massacre of Christians happening in Nigeria right now. I think I have problems? I stopped dead in my tracks and just cried. Here I am FREAKING out about my house, getting stressed and flustered and feeling stuck, and then I get a zoomed out picture of the world. Thinking beyond myself and about the globe I realized very quickly and easily that there are people with real problems. I have so much to be thankful for, and so much to enjoy. I have a Savior who can give me eternal peace. Whether my home is organized or not I need to remember that.

So I will pray now that God will help me organize, not for me, but for His glory, as a way to be thankful for His provision. Maybe if I can keep that perspective while I work on things I won’t get so down in the dumps about it and I’ll stay a little more hopeful. Maybe I can spend some more time praying for the suffering believers around the world as I remember how undeserving I am of the comfortable life I have. The enemy wants me to waste my mental energy on things that don’t matter. My mental energy should be saved for my family and for prayer, not stressing out over messes. Man, do I need Jesus or what? That’s where I’m at right now, guys. Just keepin’ it real!

P.S. I have a little announcement. I recently created a Youtube channel to coincide with this blog. In my ambitions to do more furniture flipping and home organization I decided it would be better to actually “see” some of those things rather than just read about them. So, if you’re curious and want to take this journey with me I would love to have you subscribe to my baby channel. I am a total newbie and I know I will make mistakes, but that’s part of the adventure. There’s already a couple videos there and another very personal one coming soon. Thank you so much! ❤

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkDVhRqvkEaLXVBre5uXMRg

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