My Favorite Dining Room Chairs & The Best Coffee Machine Ever

Again, if you don’t already know it is Amazon Prime Day. It’s kind of like Black Friday only in July and just on Amazon.

Besides the best dining room chairs I’ve ever had and the greatest coffee maker in the world, here’s a short list of 8 other things I can remember ordering from Amazon off the top of my head!

  1. Mascara – This has been the best mascara I’ve ever owned.
  2. Maybelline Concealer – a friend recommended this product to me and so far I like it! I use it to cover blemishes and dark under eye circles.
  3. Hiking/travel Backpack – my husband got this backpack for his trip to Oregon. It will come in handy for any kind of hiking, traveling, or school stuff carrying!
  4. Legos – we recently got this set for TJ for his birthday.
  5. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot – my husband also ordered these for his trip to Oregon. He needed a new pair of hiking boots anyway. Love the color he picked!!
  6. Baby Wipes – this is where we buy all of our baby wipes! We love them!
  7. Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag – Big 12″X12″ Commercial Grade (Reusable Almond Milk Bag & All Purpose Food Strainer) – we recently got this COOL mesh bag to make COLD BREW COFFEE! It’s great.
  8. Our Favorite Kids Toothpaste – I like saving the time shopping and trying to find a kids toothpaste with all the ingredients I am looking for. I just keep on ordering when we’re running low 🙂

Okay now the top 2 things:
MY DINING ROOM CHAIRS! – I cannot say enough good things about these bistro style metal chairs. I had this beautiful table I had just redone but the chairs that came with it were bulky and ugly. I scoured the internet looking for something the right size (seat height was my issue, it was hard to find chairs 18 inches high), with a high weight limit, easy to assemble, durable, in the finish I wanted, and NOT CRAZY EXPENSIVE. These hit the nail on the head. We liked them so much we ordered a second set. So now we have 8 of these chairs and I love them. They are easy to clean! They stack! They are the right height! The price was amazing. It was just a win.


THE BEST COFFEE MACHINE EVER the Bunn Velocity Home Brew – now it’s no espresso machine, it’s not a Nespresso…BUT it does actually brew the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. It brews coffee at an optimal 200 degrees for the perfect brew and evenly sprays over all the coffee grounds. Plus, it brews a pot very quickly which is awesome. The flavor difference between this and my old Hamilton Beach or Mr. Coffee pot was astounding. I will never go back. For a coffee snob like me this was a really exciting thing to get.

white ceramic mug filled with brown liquid on heart shaped coffee beans
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What are your favorite Amazon deals or things you get on Amazon?

*Affiliate links are in this post meaning if you click through and purchase something I may make a small commission. Happy clicking! 🙂

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