The Plight of The Perioding Mama

One day you’ll go to the bathroom and find a bunch of empty applicators lying there and you literally have no idea when or how it happened.

You’re just trying to take care of yourself for crying out loud, isn’t there a better way!?

So you get this great idea, you think, I know, I’ll try one of those menstrual cups so I only have to visit the bathroom once a day and all the products, the questions, the time spent in the bathroom will surely lessen and make my perioding mama life easier. So you buy a cup and the wash and give it a go.

Your precious four year old daughter who is very interested in all of your hygiene and make-up products was spending an unusual amount of time in the bathroom one day. The silence in there is alarming, so up you go.

Head on over to the Rochester MN Moms Blog to read the rest of this cheeky post about mom life with a period!

Published by Jessica

Wife, mom, homeschooler, DIY-er, blogger

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