100 Days of No TV: Day 24

Ok wow so I realize I haven’t written about this since the first of the month and we’re already almost done with June. So, if you don’t know or if you forgot or maybe you thought I chickened out (believe me, it was a thought), me and my family are doing a fast/break from TV for the summer.

If you want to know what that is all about you can click here, or if you want to know the WHY and the details of that click back to my previous post about that here.

Just wanted to hop on here quick and give an update on how that is going.

We moved the TV into our guest room closet. Having it physically out of the room has definitely helped us think of it less! The kids have asked to watch shows just a handful of times, not nearly as much as I thought they would.

Overall, it’s going really great and has been a really good thing. It has felt good to have the freedom and to think that, hey we can actually do this. So in that sense it’s been very empowering. The time has also gone by quickly which helps. We are outside A LOT and we’ve been very busy so the TV and the shows are not missed that much.

What has been hard for me personally is just lacking a little down time during the busy day. Sometimes the kids nap, sometimes they don’t. They are kind of growing out of that stage. When they don’t nap but they are tired and planning quiet activities just doesn’t seem to work, I can’t put on a show for them. I’ve had a lot of late nights and early mornings and I wish I could be able to shut my eyes a little bit in the afternoon while a show is playing but I can’t. So I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and definitely drinking a lot more coffee.

I did let the kids break the rules one day. My mom was babysitting ALL DAY so my husband and I could go out for our anniversary. We did lunch out, did some shopping, did some work (we are nerdy and like to work on our laptops together at coffee shops), and then did dinner out too! It was a fun day but a long time for my mom. I allowed them to watch some shows with her during that day while we were gone. They were very excited and it helped my mom get a little needed rest/break too. So… I made an exception but it wasn’t for me it was for my mom and I wanted them to have a fun day and not an exhausting one. I didn’t want to impose my TV fast onto her when that wasn’t necessary. I think she was grateful, and they had fun.

Even though it’s challenging I can see that this is a really good thing for us right now. We are outside more, we are reading more books, the kids are getting more creative in their play and just playing. Yes they are fighting still and we have issues we need to work through regularly with behavior but I can see the relationships they have better, and that’s cool.

If you’re doing this fast with me, keep up the good work! What has been hard for you so far? What are your thoughts/reactions? Have you ever done anything like this before?

Tomorrow marks being one quarter of the way through! Yay!

Thanks for reading and subscribing and being a part of this journey with me.

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3 thoughts on “100 Days of No TV: Day 24

  1. Keep up the good work too Jessica! What has been hard for me is not being able to Netflix and chill after a long day of work. I miss that. This far it is going pretty well. There are other things you can do besides watching movies and shows. 😉 I have never done anything this extreme before. It is stretching me in a good way.

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