Happy Belated Father’s Day & Happy Anniversary

I remember the moment you found out you became a father. The pregnancy was not planned. You opened a card and a gift from me. A baby bib that said, “I love you dad”. Your life would never be the same. Your 5 minute long blank stare gave away the shock you were experiencing.

2013: Your first Father’s Day we took our 1 year old son with us to the mall and you got a Cinnabon. It was innocently sweet and just what you wanted.

2014: For some reason, I don’t remember what we did, but I wrote on Facebook: “Want to wish Nick a Happy Father’s Day for being the absolute best dad he can be for our amazing kids. It’s been a privilege and blessing seeing him grow in his faith and grow in his love for these little ones who we have the honor to parent.”

2015: It was a wash this year as we mourned the death of my grandmother that month and of a friend who unexpectedly died just a few days before Father’s Day. He was a dad too and that shock and grief consumed the day, as it should have.

2016: I remember thinking how much an of an an amazing father you had become. It’s been one of my favorite things about you. I tried to get a picture that day, but the boys were hot and could barely keep their hats on and Rosie was in the middle of a melt down and would not for her life smile. Yet, you still hold them and love them and smile just the same.

2017: This last year Father’s Day was the day before our Anniversary. We had a getaway planed that we had to cancel because of our daughter suddenly needing exploratory surgery. I remember thanking God for sustaining us and our daughter in those moments. Having been in the middle of preaching a sermon at church when they told me she needed surgery, you rushed to our side as soon as your sermon was over and began to pray over our girl before going down to the OR. You were a hero for me and our daughter that day. Thankfully, our daughter just needed her appendix removed and has fully recovered. It’s too bad they didn’t figure that out before needing to do surgery. It sure made for an interesting and memorable weekend!

2018: We have had a few very simple Father’s Days and a few very dramatic and stressful ones. Through it all, you’ve maintained strength of leadership and humble love and service to your family. Thank you for being the best daddy you know how to be. You are killin’ it! Here’s to, I hope, many more Father’s Days (hopefully not as many stressful ones). Happy Belated Father’s Day and Happy Anniversary as we celebrate 8 years TODAY! I love you.

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