June 1st is here. So… no TV

It’s a good thing we have a lot planned for the day because I am SCARED. I am scared to start this journey. I’m wondering why am I doing this again? Reasons aside, now I’m committed, and I need to just do it because I said I was going to. No backing down. It’s kind of like the desk I started sanding today. Once I started it, I had to keep going. I couldn’t rest until I knew what was underneath all that icky yellow paint and could see the big picture vision of what I wanted to do with it from there. It’s too late. I can’t put back what I’ve already sanded away. I’ve been preparing for this TV fast to begin on June 1st…and here it is.

I need to remind you too, the hardest part about taking the TV out of our home is, hands down, going to be saying no to the kids over and over and over again when they want to watch something. I have to be really diligent to keep telling myself that this is for my and their LONG-TERM good, not short-term/immediate happiness or satisfaction.

Yes, I will miss it too because I enjoy movies and shows, but 95% of why I turn on the TV is for the kids (and sort of for me too because I enjoy the downtime it gives me). If you are doing this fast with me, maybe the hardest part for you will be something different.

What I’m trying to do right now, is mentally prepare myself to focus on the long-term, the end goal, the accomplishment when it is finished. If I spend too much time focusing on what the most challenging part is, I will start feeling defeated.

What lies underneath all the icky yellow paint? Is it cedar, oak, pine, particle board, plywood? Is the wood strong? Is it damaged? I don’t know until I start sanding. Much like that fear of the unknown, I fear what I will find out about myself and our family and the way we function without a TV. Will it expose un-health, dysfunction, selfishness, pride, ungratefulness, boredom? Or will it expose strength, dignity, perseverance or joy? Some of both, perhaps?

So…here we go you guys. Jumping in! I haven’t been super intentional about having discussions about this with the kids yet (we have had some, they are aware!). So, something I want to do this next week is have a lot of conversations with them about why we are making this decision for the time being and what we can do together as a family to make it a great experience. I’ll let you know how that goes! Haha…

If you’re new here or just catching wind of my 100 Days of No TV challenge you might want to backtrack and read the 2 previous posts regarding this topic. 100 Days of No TV and Answering WHY and The Guidelines  Also, please follow me on instagram if you want more of the insider story of the day-to-day with no TV!

Uhg! I do not want to do this…but I do. It will be good for us. We will be just fine. I need to stop freaking out. Here we go. Happy June 1st.

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2 thoughts on “June 1st is here. So… no TV

  1. Proud of you for sticking to it! We do periodic tv fasts, and are in the midst of one right now. The first day or two my kiddos ask frequently “where’s the tv??”, but then because it’s physically not in the room they seem to move on. We enjoy the imagination explosion and more cooperative play during no TV seasons. My oldest is also starting to appreciate audio books as entertainment now too. Have fun embracing a new challenge!

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