An Annoying yet Not Annoying Affiliate Blog Post…CLICK TO FIND OUT!

*This post is lovingly sponsored by my husband for coming up with the post idea and who is going to let me go order these off Amazon right after I hit publish*

My husband really wanted me to write a post for all the NEW moms or the DADS who “don’t know any better”. (His words! FUNNY) But… it is super helpful to have water bottles for your kids! We both agree. Skip the sippy cups and kid cups and getting out a different water cup every meal for your kid and just get them their very own water bottle. If you have a baby like mine who breastfed long enough they can even skip bottles and just wean with a straw.

The brand we love (after trying quite a few!) is Contigo! They seem quite popular in my circles too… so be picky and choosy so you can find one with a unique style and can tell them apart somehow from your kids playmates.

Seriously, how cute are these? The sunken ship and robots! Even stainless steel options!

We really love these and we take them everywhere. We ARE looking to replace a couple of them soon from normal wear and tear because they have gotten a ton of use. Benefits: I don’t have to worry about whether or not there are child-proof cups at so-and-so’s house, they each have their own and they don’t fight over who gets the blue cup, the water stays there for the most part so we are eliminating lots of spills, for how much my children abuse them they are pretty durable, they drink more water and less sugary beverages, makes getting them a drink more convenient because the kid takes ownership of their own water bottle, they are affordable. I could go on! Cons: The ONLY one I can think of is that if you choose to put anything other than water in these you have to be extra careful how you clean it. We choose to only put water in them because it is easier to sanitize all the pieces in the dishwasher and we don’t worry about the difficulties of cleaning out non-water beverages.

If your kid is old enough to practice using a straw do yourself a huge favor and get them a water bottle like one of these tried and true parent favorites. You will be so happy to ditch the sippy cup saga.

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you click the link and make a purchase I may make a small commission*

I hope that my slight sarcasm in this post has come across to you. I am not trying to be annoying. But we do truly love Contigo water bottles for our kids and this post literally was birthed at our dining room table at dinner tonight after my husband brought it up! So there ya go.


UPDATE: STILL working on my plans and rules and my next post about going this summer TV free so be patient with me as I formulate my plan and share it with you. Thanks!

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