How to Get the Most out of Minimalism Without Actually Being a Minimalist!

Minimalism is a HOT word right now. There’s an entire culture and movement going on all around us. It’s a decor style, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a practice, a religion even. There’s a good chance you have heard of minimalism and are intrigued by it, and you probably know someone who is into it.

I happen to have a lovely sister who is really into minimalism. In fact, she is so hardcore that she sold or donated 90% of her belongings and spent 6 months living out of her car. Then, she decided to buy a 1 way ticket to Hawaii and work on a farm in exchange for free room and board. If you want to learn more about how she practices minimalism you can watch her on her youtube channel Holli+Huckleberry

She’s about to hit 10k subscribers and I am very proud of all she has accomplished!

Anyway…back to the message of this post. I have been affected by minimalism but I wouldn’t call myself a proclaimed minimalist because my life is not completely consistent with what minimalism practices. I have stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I have a house…with lots of stuff in it. You get the picture.

So here are a few tips I have learned from minimalism that have had a positive impact on my life. You do not have to be a gung-ho minimalist to take advantages of some of the good things minimalism will teach you.

  1. Less is more. This is a no brainer. I have found a lot of freedom in regularly getting rid of things that we either don’t need or don’t use that often. Chances are that if I don’t use half of the tupperware I own I probably don’t need it all. I then have more room in my cupboards for other things or food that I do use.
  2. You don’t have to get rid of everything. I have lots of clothes (many items actually given to me from my minimalist sister haha!), I have lots of furniture I love, I have lots of THINGS to encourage my hobbies. When things become a burden to your quality of life or become a distraction to enjoying your life then it might be time to take a more serious step towards minimalism.
  3. Prioritize experiences. Sure it’s great to have a good collection of toys, books etc for your kids to have free play in your home. But when you can, go for the experience over the thing. Minimalists will say this often. We remember more, learn more, experience more, when we get outside and go have adventures. Make sure you have freedom to leave your house when you need to, whether for a vacation or on a regular basis, and go have experiences with your loved ones. If your kid doesn’t need any new toys for their birthday then plan an activity instead of a party.
  4. Be friends with a minimalist! I think this is the most important thing you can do. For me, it’s my sis. Having a close relationship with someone who is more into minimalism than you are will allow you to witness what it’s like without doing a lot of it yourself. Watch and learn. Invite them to give you a minimalist perspective on your life. Maybe they see things that are bogging you down that you don’t see. They will be able to give you valuable insight that you can then benefit from.

There’s certainly a lot of positives into being a minimalist but it is NOT for everyone and that is okay. Don’t just jump onto the bandwagon because it seems like that is what everyone is doing. It’s not what EVERYONE is doing. I am no minimalist but I have gone through some minor lifestyle changes because of what I’ve learned from watching minimalists and it’s been good for me and my family.

I think the main takeaway is to hold onto your things loosely. Stuff is stuff. What matters more are the people in your life, the purpose of your life, and the experiences along the way that make you wiser. If minimalism helps you prioritize these things, great! If it doesn’t, then talk about it! Share your story and maybe the minimalist will learn from you too.

Published by Jessica

Wife, mom, homeschooler, DIY-er, blogger

One thought on “How to Get the Most out of Minimalism Without Actually Being a Minimalist!

  1. Jessica, I really enjoyed this post. But from the sound of things, you ARE a minimalist! I say this because of your point, some minimalists have things, some more than others, but as long as everything you have serves a purpose and makes you happy, then you’re subscribing to the principles of minimalism. I think many people get so lost in thinking that they only can have a few items, or nothing cluttering their space, or living out of their car, but often it’s just making sure everything you own brings joy. Thank you for the post!

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