5 Funny Things I Did By Friday

I’ve been battling a bad cold this week and have been feeling really foggy and run down. There have been some funny/interesting/random moments this week that maybe will give you a laugh or an idea. Enjoy!

  1. I let my kids cut and paste images from an IKEA magazine onto construction paper and told them to “design their own room or house” with pictures they cut out. They stayed at the table for approximately 8 minutes. Maybe we will try this one again in a year or two…
  2. We played hide-and-go-seek. I stood inside my bedroom closet for probably close to 10 minutes while they scoured the house for me. Their comments were hilarious and they came into my bedroom 2 times without looking in the closet. I had to start saying “BEEP” every so often to give them hints. They finally did find me.
  3. Normally I am pretty good about making dinner every day but this week my husband made dinner two nights in a row…because, I’ve been sick. Per my suggestion, he made french toast for dinner one night and tuna melts the other. It was secretly awesome.
  4. Then he told my son a funny story about something I did while we were dating and mentioned I am industrious because I used to bring home the bacon back when we first got married and he was unemployed for a few months. He does this just to make me laugh and entertain the kids with our flirtatious banter. I guess this one isn’t really something I did…it’s something Nick did. Oh well.
  5. I literally drew 6 different pictures (1 for each wall, 1 for the floor plan, 1 for ceiling) of my design ideas for our guest room which will hopefully become our “Learning Suite” (a.k.a. homeschooling room/guest bedroom) while the girls were jumping on the bed.

Can you think of 5 funny things you did this week?

Published by Jessica

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