That Time Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth Snapchatted Me

The day my husband was traveling home from his time teaching in Haiti I see a snapchat notification come in from him. Upon opening it I was blown away to see, not my husband, but Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth with her husband Robert!


If you don’t know who that is she used to be known as Nancy Leigh Demoss and has a very successful and thriving ministry called Revive Our Hearts and has authored many books and bible studies. Some of my favorite books of hers have been Lies Women Believe* and the True Woman Bible Studies. I also went to the Cry Out Conference 2 years ago where she spoke.

In this video snapchat she said that they ran into my husband and he was telling them about his ministry in Haiti! They thanked me for my service by supporting him and working in my home as a mother to our young children. Then she thanked our senior pastor’s wife as well for her role in the church and wanted to encourage us to keep doing what we were doing!

Nick told me later what a joy it was to talk to them and talk about their ministry together. It was fun to see how real and down to earth she seemed on snapchat and what I heard from Nick. Too bad I wasn’t there but I will hold onto that memory and encouragement for a long time! It is easy to feel like being the stay at home mom is mundane and meaningless because it’s hard to see fruit because it doesn’t happen right away, but it’s truly one of the most meaningful roles I will ever have in this life! So, thank you Nancy for the encouragement and the hello! Thank you for your faithful ministry to women around the globe. You have had an impact on my life and so many others! It made my day and touched my heart to see you and hear you on snapchat!

She’s also on youtube if you want to go check out her resources and testimonies!


*This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon. This means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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