The Lego Dresser

Super quick post here! I’ve been wanting to blog about the lego dresser I did for my 5 year old lego loving son a long time ago and now that we’ve been successfully using it for a handful of months now I figured now was a good time!

Thanks to my cousin for gifting me this dresser for FREE. The rectangular shapes just screamed “lego” at me so getting a vision for this piece was easy. A quick glance at pinterest showed I wasn’t the only one that has had this sort of idea.


First step was painting. I used some leftover chalk paint I used on my jewelry armoire. It is a dark charcoal gray color. It looks almost black but is a bit softer. I wanted it to be a dark base, partly because I wanted the colors to pop that I would eventually make the handles into. Also, my son seems to like the color black and I think it’s because of batman. I didn’t want the dresser to be overly colorful or painful to look at, so the dark color contrasting with the pops of color work nicely.




Once the painting was done the hardest part was finding the right sized dowel to cut and how to space the pegs evenly and make it look right. The first dowel I got was HUGE. And I had the pieces cut too tall and it looked so so goofy. I can’t find a picture of that now but the original thought was to have 2 dowel pegs on each handle… but it looked awkward.


So… dad to the rescue! He had 2 dowels that were about half the size that he helped cut to a much smaller height. Instead of 2 pegs per handle we decided that 6 pegs looked much more normal and more lego-like. My handy dad created a spacer out of cardboard after measuring and cutting and laying out the pegs on the dresser as it was laying down flat. The template worked perfectly in easily setting out the pegs on each handle in the proper position. We used a nail gun to secure them in place.

After that part was done I finished painting the handles and pegs and did 2 coats of chalk paint and then wax to finish it.



A couple of mistakes I made…. I have a spray paint wax that I used on part of the dresser but I don’t think my paint was dry enough yet because the paint started cracking! I was pretty disappointed in that. I’m also just not sure I like the spray paint wax and I’m not sold on the finish and whether or not it works or holds up the same way as a wipe on wipe off wax. I waxed most of the dresser with regular minwax finishing paste which worked better I think. Waxing around the pegs was difficult though which is why I wanted to use the spray wax but it just did not turn out well unfortunately. Luckily for me, my 5 year old who is using the dresser doesn’t care or notice and thinks it’s great so it’s not a huge deal that it wasn’t “perfect”.


This project took me…. WAY too long. I honestly don’t even remember it is so embarrassing. I wanted it ready for his birthday which was in April but I don’t think it was all the way done and moved into his room until early June. The reason it took so long is simply because life gets busy and when you have little kids running around all the time it is challenging to carve out time and a sitter or a grandma/grandpa and good weather to get it done. But we love it! My son loves it. All his clothes fit in there and we use the bottom drawer for toys and he uses the cabinet to store his lego instruction booklets as well as any special creations he wants to preserve.



Thanks for reading!

Paint I used: Dutch boy chalky finish paint in charcoal gray I think? And Folkart Home Decor Chalk Paint for the colorful handles. The Folkart paint I am not a huge fan of…just not real high quality. However, for the small amount of paint I needed and the low price it did the trick.

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2 thoughts on “The Lego Dresser

  1. Seriously awesome! The template solution from your dad (for the dowel sections) is what I was thinking you should do as you started to describe the problem, and then your dad solves it in the same way! Keep on! – JM

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