The Joy of a Pineapple Tank

“This is the SWEETEST pineapple I’ve ever had!” The juice burst in my mouth. I am NOT a huge fan of pineapple… it’s a texture thing. But this one I just bought from the store because my 4 year old begged and begged and I just couldn’t say no and so I decided to try some. It was delicious. We went and bought a second one the next day 😀

Do you ever feel this way about clothing? Or do you feel the opposite way about your style? Let me introduce you to my friend, Kelsey. She and I decided to go shopping because she needed some new summer looks. Nothing fit her and she knew she wanted another eye to tell her what looked good and what didn’t. It can be tricky, like trying to pick out the ripest fruit in the batch. I love to shop and make others feel confident about their bodies and what they wear. I believe it’s good to match how you feel on the inside and how you think about yourself to how you look on the outside.


Kelsey is a mom of four amazing kids ages 5 and under, 1 set of twins. She is busy and frequently fried and can we blame her? I only have 3 and I am frazzled a lot. This is mom life of young ones. She recently has gotten really healthy and lost a lot of weight after having her twins (who just turned 2 years old!) She’s a beautiful fair skinned red head. She wanted to find shorts and tops fit for an active mom but that still flattered her features and fit well.

Because money does not really grow on trees we chose to visit our local Clothes Mentor. If you haven’t ever been there before please give it a try. It’s a great consignment store option for women. They take mostly brand name things and gently used condition and sell them for a fair price compared to buying at retail price. I have been there several times and usually can find something I like for a good value. It’s also a good place to try selling your old clothes that don’t fit or maybe you are just tired of wearing them. Make sure they are in good/ready to sell condition and you might make some decent cash that way.

Here’s Kelsey dropping off a box of stuff that no longer fit her.


We had a couple of hours to spare to find Kelsey some stuff and we had a blast.

One of my shopping tips is to give yourself grace when trying on clothes. Clothing is not meant to fit and flatter everyone exactly the same way (there’s a shocker)… so you might go into the dressing room with 50 things and only 5 of the items look REALLY good on you. Do not get worked up or frustrated that you happen to be trying on 45 not so great items. Knowing what might look good on you from the hanger and what will actually look good on you can be very tricky and sometimes it just takes some trial and error. Having ample time to shop and try things on is helpful. I like to try and shop when stores open for the day. Usually in the beginning of the day employees have had their coffee and are chipper and ready to help you because they are not worn out yet. Shopping right before closing can be stressful because you know you are crunched for time and shop employees usually have a list of things they need to do once the last customer leaves. For us, we were shopping on the last day of a Holiday sale and it was right before closing time (oops!). I could tell that our timing wasn’t ideal…but in spite of that we still had a good experience and left with great purchases.

Kelsey was already in the fitting room with a stack and I was perusing the racks looking for some versatile tops that might work with the plethora of shorts, capris, and skirts she was working her way through trying on.

In the midst of our harried fitting room experiences I managed to snap a picture of me trying on…a ROMPER. Take me back to the 90s folks.


I don’t know people. I can’t decide how I feel about rompers. Why are they “in” now? What is the appeal? Going to the bathroom in these is not exactly a pleasant experience. In a way though I kind of think they are sexy but I cannot figure out why. I ALMOST bought this… but decided against it. Is there something sort of Audrey Hepburn about them? Really…the verdict on this trend is out for me. I would love to hear some opinions on the whole romper bit. …okay back to Kelsey 😛

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we see Kelsey trying on a flowy top and a pair of jean shorts. I don’t know that I’d wear them together all the time because the shorts look very casual (notice the fading in the front) and the top is a little more dressy. But I also don’t think she’s breaking any fashion rules if she chose to wear them out together either. The top is super flattering because it’s not skin-tight, it’s flowy and it fits her well and can be worn with a lot of different things. The colors are great. Darks work well for her because she is fair. It’s a very feminine top with a lot of color but it’s not over-the-top.

I’m super proud of her for getting some shorts. There’s a lot of different opinions on how women should wear shorts. Especially for the Christian woman concerned about modesty. In our culture here though shorts are a very normal thing for people of all ages and shapes to wear. The fact that these are true “shorts” give her flexibility in the summer time. She isn’t trying to be flashy or show off, she simply wants to be celebrate the fact that she wants to remain healthy and active and during the summer and wants to stay cool. She will be outside with her kids a lot and this versatile pair of jean shorts (that fit her perfectly by the way) give her something to wear while out on a walk, at the beach, camping, playing in her backyard, at a cookout etc… Many women feel self-conscious about wearing shorts because of something they are trying to hide. I know I still have stretch mark lines down to my knees but I’m not going to sacrifice my comfort during a hot summer just because I’m a little embarrassed about it. It’s a beautiful thing to embrace your body and the marks that having babies left you with. As long as a good pair of shorts fit you well, make you feel confident, and give you comfort there’s no reason to try avoiding them. I can’t speak for Kelsey about these shorts but I hope they make her feel confident. Because come on, she’s adorable here!

Here Kelsey found a great casual, easy, fitted T-shirt. The shorts are airy and cool. I don’t have much more to say. It’s a simple look but she could wear either of these pieces with different things to switch up the look. In fact, I saw her earlier today with this top on. She had a long silver necklace with it and dark wash skinny jeans and it was so cute.

“Oh…pineapples?” she said as I handed her the tank.
“Just try it!” I said.
Yes…the famous pineapple tank.
Kelsey worked her way through the stack. I tried a few other things on too but wasn’t having much luck. Between her and I both entering and exiting the fitting room multiple times I wasn’t as focused on taking pictures as I should have, but we got a few good ones.


Seriously isn’t this the cutest!? (sorry to the lady in the background wearing pink. Clearly she’s thinking what are these ladies doing? Oh no did she just take a picture? or she is thinking How are they finding all the good stuff? Oh well… maybe she will read this blog and thank me later for making her famous *insert sarcasm here*).

What Kelsey thought was a random or perhaps busy pattern ended up looking fantastic on her. It wasn’t something she would have normally picked off the rack. I grabbed it when I saw it for three reasons:
1. The brand is LOFT. LOFT has been one of my favorites for a long time plus I have some retail experience working there and so for a time 90% of my wardrobe was from LOFT. I’ve seen that it’s a brand that works well on a lot of different body types and most of their stuff is very classic and timeless 😛
2. The pineapple print of course! Pineapples scream summer for one. Pineapples are also a symbol of hospitality, warmth, friendship, and welcome. If you are ever in an upper class neighborhood or you’re touring an old mansion you will probably find pineapples carved into something, on a fence, or some kind of pineapple artwork. This is because the homeowner knows what pineapples are a symbol of and they want their guests to feel welcomed.
3. The print size and color spectrum. When choosing a print to wear always consider the size of the print. A larger print should be worn on a larger person. The match in proportions will look slimming. A more petite person should wear smaller prints. This print size is a perfect proportion for Kelsey! If the pineapples were any bigger it probably wouldn’t look as good. If they were any smaller it would look too busy and distracting. The color spectrum is also nice because it’s not a traditional yellow and green pineapple color. It’s more muted. The darker blue hue of the leaves are a great color for Kelsey to wear because of her fair skin tone and red hair.

This pineapple tank I have a feeling will become a staple in her wardrobe for these summer months. She could dress it up with a light jacket or cardigan and necklace or wear it casually with a pair of shorts. What she’s wearing with it now in the image above is a fantastically slimming pair of capris jeans. The dark, dark wash is brilliant. Dark washes on her lower half work well for her because it’s a contrast to her fair complexion. Dark colors are slimming so that’s always a win; it’s a base, a good foundation that you can put anything on top of. She could dress it up with a cute pair of wedges or heels or wear flats or flip flops if she’s just running out to do an errand. I LOVE versatile looks and this is definitely one of them.


Notice how the cut of the tank drops down a bit in the front. A blunt straight angle would make her hips or waist look wider. The length in the center draws the eye further down, accents the hips, and as a result she looks taller and slimmer. Isn’t that cool? And seriously loving those capris. She could roll them up a couple of times for a more casual, daytime feel too.

She walked away with a big stack of amazing outfits. I didn’t get pictures of everything but one of these days I will have her model some of the different pieces so you can see just how much she got (if she agrees!). The other awesome part is that with the stuff she brought to sell she already had half of her purchase paid for! I’d say our time there was very successful. I was a little bummed I didn’t have as much luck. But like I said, sometimes finding the great things takes time. Don’t ever settle for what you think looks “okay”. The “okay” items you will probably only wear once and it will end up in your closet for 2 years collecting dust. Be thoughtful with what you choose to buy and wear. Look for things that fit your proportions, accent your natural features, compliment your complexion, and are versatile. And if you can go with a friend it will be so much more fun!

Like the lady in the produce section of a grocery store examining what’s ripe or in season, she will walk away with a good selection of delicious foods. If you rush the process sometimes you end up with a sour bunch. So take some time to go through your closet, purge what you don’t wear anymore, and go find your pineapple tank.

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  1. I am calling you the next time I let myself go clothes shopping. We will call Kelsey and have a girls day!

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